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  1. Smackdown 06/07/13: BWF Anniversary Edition

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    I wonder why I started my review off with this particular animated gif? Perhaps the answer will be on BWF Radio this Sunday. It’s the fifth anniversary of the website.

    What will happen tonight on Smackdown? Who will die? Who will live? What mysteries will be solved? The answer to all questions is “plums.” And with that, set up the hurdles. On your marks, get set, HOP!


  2. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 07/10/2012

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    We open w/a recap of last week’s main event, when AJ put the WWE heavyweight champion and his no.1 contender through a table. We get a bonus recap of the double make-out on Smackdown.

    Live @ the Pepsi Center in Denver and we open with “the most controversial figure in the WWE today,” AJ in the ring.


    AJ is “overwhelmed” and “very emotional” over the realization that her actions as special guest ref @ Money in The Bank in the WWE championship can “greatly affect the outcome.”


    With that in mind, she asks us to welcome WWE champion CM Punk.

    Cue Punk.