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  1. The War On.. Five Years, Dailymotion’s Superiority and Columns

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    March 25th 2009.. I named this show ‘Wednesday Night Delight’? Am I serious? What the fuck was I on when I came up with a name like that? The names didn’t get much better either.

    W is for Wednesday, Wrestlemania and …
    Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Wednesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.

    and many more shockers. Until one day, a title came along, that with a slight modification, would become the title that would last..

    August 5th 2009 – The War On Everything

    From then on, The War On Everything, became The War On… and it became a staple of BoredWrestlingFan.com, until it stopped because I stopped watching. Wrestling that is. Not the website. I explain it all here, in my Three Year Anniversary special.

    Anyways, as this is now Five Years since we started this shindig, I guess there’s only one thing to do..

    Cue the Opening