Call me crazy (or, if you prefer, “Jamaican Me Crazy”), but I actually enjoy ECW on Sci-Fi, even in this post-Joey Styles era.  As long as Kelly Kelly and Layla aren’t having some stupid dance-off.  I’m watching an hour long wrestling program, not Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?”  Anyhow, tonight’s edition was pretty good.  One thing that absolutely bugs me though, and TNA did this with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky when they debuted, is when a wrestler debuts on a program then shows up next week with a different name.  Goodbye, Matt Sydal, hello Evan Bourne.  My theory is that the WWE wanted to avoid what they got with CM Punk – a well known indy star with a built-in fan base.  That might sound crazy, but WWE creative want their big stars to be homegrown.  Somebody like CM Punk wasn’t supposed to climb the ladder of success so fast.  When he was brought to the company they had a plan for him, and because of his indy success, they had to throw it out the window and push him whether they wanted to or not.  To this day, you can still see by his recent win-loss record that creative is trying to sabotage him.  Matt Sydal is a name familiar to internet wrestling fans who keep up with the major independent promotions through the country, and as such, they’ve changed his name so that the name recognition disappears and they can build his character the way they want to.  It’s also a good excuse for Mike Adamle to make references to the Bourne movie series.  He did just that on tonight’s edition of ECW.

Other thoughts on tonight’s show, after the jump!

Kofi Kingston is a guy with potential to be a huge star, and this feud with Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox is just what he needs right now.  Throwing Sydal Bourne in the mix was a good move as well, as it gives him an instant storyline to start with.  Kingston and Bourne defeated Benjamin and Knox in our opening contest.

The WWE rebound shows us highlights from RAW.  Since I actually watched RAW but missed SmackDown! last week, I kind of wish they still did “rebound” segments for all of the shows.  Luckily before Victoria took on Kelly Kelly, they showed us highlights from the Divas star-on-a-pole match or whatever it was from SmackDown that put Natalia in the running for, apparently, a Divas championship on SmackDown.  Kelly Kelly nearly killed herself in this one, taking a huge bump on the outside and getting counted out afterwards.  Hopefully she’s ok.

The torment of Armando Estrada would be entertaining – if it weren’t the exact same thing he did to Colin Delaney last month.  I get the whole revenge for Colin thing, but it’s getting pretty old.  Just like face Finlay – who clubbed Delaney with his shillelagh for some stupid reason.  Before that, though, Armando was beaten by Finlay, then Delaney, and then Hornswoggle.

Mark Henry challenged The Big Show to an ECW title match after Night of Champions.  Show told him to stop sucking up, and that if he wanted an ass kicking to just ask.  Well, that’s the gist of it anyway.  Show, on his way back to the locker room after the confrontation, runs into the current ECW champion Kane, they stare each other down before Show lets him pass.

Did I mention that CM Punk doesn’t have the world’s greatest win-loss record lately? Kane doesn’t seem to have noticed as he picked Punk as his partner to challenge WWE Tag Team Champions – now in their 7th month with the titles – John Morrison and The Miz. The Shaman of Sexy pins Mr. Money In The Bank to retain the titles.  As big of a fan of Punk’s that I am, WWE is not really convincing me that Punk is going to be able to capitalize and win a major championship with his Money in the Bank shot.

Your thoughts on tonight’s show, or anything else touched on in this post, feel free to leave comments, or discuss anything and everything ECW in our message boards!

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