Hello again everyone, I’m back to give you my thoughts on this week’s edition of Smackdown.  Yeah, I know it’s Sunday, but going out Friday and Saturday nights causes me watch it on Sunday mornings.  So you wanna know I what thought?  You don’t, too bad I’m gonna tell you any way:

Undertaker vs. Chavo Guerrero in a Casket Match.  Really?????? For some reason I thought it was supposed to be Big Show, so when I heard Chavo’s name I said WTF????

Jim Ross dresssed as a sailor- LOL funny  

Tazz dressed as a soldier- Cool

Miz & Morrison- put them on either ECW, RAW or Smackdown and keep them there.  I’m sick of seeing them every time I turn on WWE programming.

Some lame magic segment featuring Jessis and Festus.  Like I said, it was lame. 

Jimmy Wang Yang won a match.  Yay!  So what if it was by DQ, a win is a win! 

Kung Fu Naki is lame, nuff said.

Khali Kiss cam is even lamer.

Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, Mark Henry & MVP- Good to see some Smackdown guys involved.  This match should be on the big 3 hour RAW tomorrow, not the Smackdown before, because god forbid you have a 6-man tag featuring all Smackdown guys.

Vladimir Kozlov  wants double double e title shot (which he does deserve).  Triple H comes out and makes this a US vs. Russia thing and than I stopped listening because I can’t stand Triple H. (pointless JT fact- Triple H kinda looks like my younger brother, except my younger brother is fat and lazy)

Some John Cena is coming back segment came on, I push the fast forward button on my remote.

Divas match, fast forward button.

Undertaker wins the Casket match- Shocker  (Undertaker is awesome, nuff said)

Then we find out as the DVR cuts it off (damn DVR) that next week, it’ll be Vladimir Kozlov vs The Undertaker and if Kozlov wins, he gets a title shot.  Sounds good to me. 

I know is may sound like I thought the show was horrible, but it wasn’t.  The wrestling part of the show was good.

Well that’s all for now, see you all soon and those in the United States, go out and vote on Tuesday!

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