Well, the WWE Draft was last night.  ECW lost a couple guys to RAW, and gained one from SmackDown.  The first superstar on tonight’s show was the newest member of ECW, Matt Hardy.  His tag team partner for the night, one of the newest RAW superstars, former ECW superstar CM Punk.  The main event for the night featured SmackDown superstar Mark Henry taking on ECW Champion and current RAW superstar, Kane.  Why bother with the draft and the brand extension if you’re going to have the guys wrestle on different brands anyway – especially RAW draftees going back to wrestle on ECW.  Does that mean JR can work RAW next Monday in Oklahoma City?  Speaking of the draft, I know this is the ECW post, but there is going to be a supplemental draft today at noon on WWE.com – we’ll have LIVE coverage here on BWF – unless of course I fall asleep.

ECW review, after the jump!

Matt Hardy has his first match as an official ECW superstar, teaming with RAW Superstar CM Punk to take on Miz and Morrison.  I actually woke up in the middle of this match, thought “wow, that’s gonna be a great team, Punk and Hardy.”  Then I thought about it for a second before saying “wait a minute, Punk’s on RAW now!”  A great match, as expected between these two teams, Hardy pinned Morrison after The Miz was distracted by Hornswoggle.  Adamle brought back his “Unos, dos, adios!” call for this one.

Shelton Benjamin took on Kofi Kingston in an extreme rules match.  Another great match between the two, with Kofi getting the win off of the trouble in paradise, after sending Shelton head first into a trash can propped between the ropes.

Mike Knox defeated Evan Bourne.  Bourne showed some good offense here but was no match for Knox.  Adamle tells us that Bourned was “Knoxed out.”

Big Show joins Adamle and Tazz on commentary, as Kane takes on Mark Henry.  A typical match between these two guys, but Kane let his attention drift over to the Big Show at the commentary booth as he went up for his top rope clothesline, causing him to get hit with a world’s strongest slam for the 1, 2, 3.

Feels like we’re on autopilot here, folks.  Problem is, I don’t even understand why – there’s a pay-per-view this Sunday.  It could just be me though, I’m a bit under the weather, so my perception could be a bit hazy right now.  I guess we’ll really see how ECW does without Punk and Kane next week, but this week just felt like WWE saying “here, watch this.”  By the way, anybody that tuned in last night is probably wondering why we didn’t hear anything about Mr. McMahon – they announced during the WrestleMania XXV press conference that they’ll be making an announcement about it next Monday on RAW.

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