Weclome to the War for another week, were we dwelve into the happenings of the week that was.

For those who watched Monday Night Raw this week, I’m sorry you had to sit through that. For those who didn’t, well it’s a good thing you did.

Jeremy Piven was guest host this week, andwas entertaining at times. Whereas his co-host, Dr. Ken, was not. He was just, awful. The highlight of RAW was Chris Jericho, during the match between Kofi Kingston, and Jericho Tag Team partner, the Big Show. Jericho’s commentary provided the lone highlight for this viewer, in an otherwise dull show. I might just have to start boycotting WWE programming.

However, also on that same broadcast, John Cena defeated the Miz. That may not seem a shock, however, the stipulations for the match, were plentiful. Because the Miz lost, he is banned from the SummerSlam, the Staples Center and Monday Night Raw. That means, the former reality show star does not offically have a show yet, according to these stipulations. Let’s just hope that he isnt in TNA in four months.

Jeff Hardy should not be World Champion.

Does Legacy really mean that much to the company, if they have to do the J.O.B to the returning D-Generation X at SummerSlam?

TNA are having a clearout. No, you can’t buy t-shirts at half price. You can buy, genuine supporters of Jeff Jarrett. That’s right! Dutch Mantel, and Savio Vega have been given the boot, and they can be yours to own for only $49.95. Not even Billy Mays could get you a better deal. Act now, and Dixie Carter may throw in the added bonus of one Vince Russo. Might I also suggest buying TNA stock. That’s if, TNA actually have a stock option.

Did anyone else notice Kaz during the recap of Comic-Con ’09 on iMPACT last week? That would mean that Kaz, Daniels and Suicide, were in the same place at the same time. That means … who the hell is Suicide? (NOTE: Suicide is Nicole Bass)

Who has dodgier facial hair? Carlito, Primo or Kurt Angle?

Time to step outside the realms of the wrestling world for a moment here.

Watch Code Monkeys on G4! and buy the DVD! You will be entertained. I promise.

Has anyone ever had their Tom Selleck BlackJacked?

It seems that Vanessa Hudgens is at it again. You’d have thought that after the first time she posed nude for her phone, that she wouldnt do it again. Well, she did it again. This just shows you what exactly High School Musical brings to the world. Underage Porn.

Short and sweet. Just the way I can be bothered writing it. I shall go back to Guitar Hero.


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