Welcome to the War for another week.

To view the rest of the column, survive the opening video.

TNA had a PPV this past week called Turning Point, and strangely enough, it included no wrestling of any kind in the entire three-hour event. I’ve managed to find just a small sample of the event in question, and I have to say, if this is what Hogan and Bischoff vision TNA to be like, I think it could last. It’s more entertaining I’ve seen on WWE TV in the past year.

Also, with their new PPV format, the meaning of why the majority of their events are named after things relating to Phil Collins has finally been realized, and with Genesis and Against All Odds coming up in the next three months, one gets the strangest feeling that Kurt Angle is going to be belting out a tune, just as badly as some of his previous efforts.

I mentioned Phil Collins in the previous paragraph, and it got me thinking. Rather than talk about the complete rubbish known as the WWE, I’ve decided to challenge myself. Here we go, we start with Genesis, and end with Final Resolution. However, the link, must in some way, fit in with the name of the PPV, and not have any association with wrestling matches or happenings from the PPV.

Twelve PPVs, twelve links, let’s go.

Genesis, Against All Odds, Destination X, Lockdown, Sacrifice, Slammiversary, Victory Road, Hard Justice, No Surrender, Bound For Glory, Turning Point, Final Resolution.

If you think I cheated in anyway, then please be more than willing to leave a comment in the comment section of the column, and I may or may not, depending on whether or not I can be bothered, will reply to said comment/s.

Going outside the wrestling realms, and if you’re a contestant in either Miss USA or Miss Universe, do not film yourself committing sexual acts, as they can and will be used against you. In about the difference a week gives, it has been revealed that Miss USA first runner-up Carrie Prejean, and the 2008  Miss Universe contestant from Trinidad and Tobago, both have sex tapes. Prejean’s has not been released, whereas Miss T&T’s has been leaked, with her, and a ‘very, very good friend’, rumoured to be Miss Japan form the same Miss Universe contest, showing that they are more than willing to take a shot in the mouth to get what they want. Don’t worry kiddies, I provide you with all the links you need. Because if you spy hard enough for them, then you won’t find them here.

Did anyone else notice in the music video for  ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic’s ‘Amish Paradise’, Al has a resemblance to one Stephen Colbert? If you agree, or disagree, then leave a comment, or use Twitter, or Facebook, or wherever else we are. I honestly don’t know, I just write columns.

Random Song Of The Week

That’s it. I’m done. No more random music videos. OK, just one more. But that’s it. Tune in the rest of the week You might enjoy what is provided by the usual suspects. But I promise you, they don’t provide you, the way I provide you.


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