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I thought I’d get in before anyone else, and be serious.. if just for a moment. For those who missed, an ESPN program, entitled E:60, documented the life of Scott Hall, and his struggles with alcohol and drugs in his life. I’m sure if you’re a real wrestling fan (even old school guys like me), know about the troubles Scott Hall has had throughout. The following video linked below, is the E:60 presentation. E:60, is a ESPN documentary program, leaving no stone unturned. It’s almost like ESPN’s version of the History Channel so to speak, and their expose on Hall is just one of many stories that have been investigated well, and one of many that is of a more serious nature.

The video is here.

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  1. I caught this last night too. It's was a sad thing to watch this, more than what I've read on the internet, youtube videos, etc. It's also kind of interesting they link the end of the nWo as leading him down this path. Not sure if that part is necessarily the best explanation, regardless, any fan of Hall's work should give this a watch.

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