Welcome to the War for another week ..

Before I begin this week, it seems that other columns on this site are getting rave reviews. Drow wrote a piece on the Casual vs Core wrestling fan, and JT’s Randomness always gets the people talking. Yet, nobody talks about this little piece unless I mention Brett Favre. Now I have, you watch them start talking about the new Viking. Speaking of Vikings, when’s Erik getting a start, or won’t Susan Sarandon let him?

Speaking of Brett, I am now turned off of SportsCenter’s NFL coverage because of everyone’s man-crush for #4. Hey ESPN, he isn’t that good. Green Bay won’t retire his number because he retires, and then magically comes back every year. He doesn’t do training camp, he doesn’t do any training, and yet everyone comes out and says ‘Oh, he’ll save the Minnesota Vikings, they’re now a superbowl team’.

First off, I am a better QB than Tavaris Jackson. Secondly, how does poor Sage Rosenfels feel now? He was traded from Houston, after being back-up to Matt Schaub, to Minnesota, in hopes of a starting spot, and yet, it looks like there’d be more of a chance he’d get a starting spot at the Texans, rather than where he is now, due to the Vikings’ obsession with someone whose five years away from adult diapers. Hagar the Horrible has resorted to alcohol, because he is angry, due toVikings signing Favre.

Not even Asterix can help us against Brett Favre. Or Lorne Greene.

You wanna know what Hulk Hogan’s doing these days? He’s supporting a fellow has been as this picture shows.

Although we all know why Brett went to Minnesota, don’t we?

Finally, I’ll tell you how good Favre is. Two years ago, I won a Fantasy NFL league at Yahoo! I drafted Favre after week 8, when I was 2-6. I won the next nine games, but I had to replace Favre, with Kurt Warner, due to Brett being rubbish. Warner led me through the playoffs, and the championship, whilst Mr. 38 year old at the time, sat on the bench.

This is the end of Part One, I must calm down. Favre-rage is flowing in my veins.

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