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In the War this week, it’s video games. as there is a massive influx of games coming to consoles and PC’s over the next few months, I thought I’d spend some time reviewing some of the games to have came out already. In this edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Driver: San Francisco and Madden NFL 12 are the games to be reviewed, and I will be your reviewer.


The year is 2027. You play as Adam Jensen, the security chief for Sarif Industries, who almost dies after an attack on the company’s HQ. After having his body augmented in order to survive, Jenses heads out to seek those responsible for the attack.

I would describe this game as a first-person shooter, with includes using stealth, hacking and my favourite, a shotgun, among many other ways to reach your ultimate goal. (I’m not going to spoil the story if you haven’t played it.. at least, I’ll try not to.)

This game.. is just awesome. It really is. It’s challenging, it’s epic, it’s confusing. It’s everything you want in a video game and more. There is no multiplayer, and there is re playability value. (Try playing the game without setting off any alarms. Not only is it extremely difficult to do, but it also bags you an achievement/trophy).

It is available on the PS3, 360 and PC. I say it is a definate must-buy, but if you don’t believe me, or want a more-extensive review, check out The All-New Game Show‘s review of the game. Also check them out at thestream.tv, if you want more.. and you know you want more. (When I said I was pimping stuff out, I meant it.) (Also, if you catch the replay of The All-New Game Show for this week, which should be up on YouTube by like Monday.. they mention a viewer’s response for this game.. that response, came from my Twitter account)


This game takes place a mere six months after Driv3r, and reveals that both John Tanner and Charles Jericho survived Istanbul, but will they both survive the streets of San Fran? (Again, not revealing story details if I can help it).

You play the role of John Tanner.. actually you don’t for most of the game, for you see, Tanner has the ability to enter the bodies of other people. Now I don’t mean in a possessed kinda way. I mean in the way that the person looks and sounds the same, but they have Tanner’s persona.. if that makes sense. There’s plenty of other activities and dares, besides the main mission, so there’s plenty of things to see and do. However, the vehicles drive in a very arcadey fashion, which annoys people like me, who prerfers the simulation of Forza to the more arcade style. With that saying though, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of Test Deive: Unlimited 2 in the open-world driving kinda-sense, so if you like those kind of games, give it a whirl.


The best way to describe Madden 12, is that.. it’s Madden. You know what you’re gonna get each and every year. However, this year.. is just a little different. The good side is, all the fun and action of pre-game is here, from the player intros, to real-life stadiums. The bad news.. Commentary. The commentary is awesome.. for those with Alzheimer’s. For instance, being the Atlanta Falcons that I am, I started up a Franchise mode as them, and low and behold, the commentators talk about how Roddy White is awesome. The next game, they talk about how Roddy White is awesome. This goes on EVERY SINGLE GAME. You always have the same player to watch, and they always say the same thing about them, and another thing.. how is Matt Ryan my star performer, when he’s thrown for 72 yards and a pick, when Michael Turner has run for like 150 yards already and two touchdowns, on his way to a third? You do not make sense Madden, you do not make sense.

Overall, unless you want to play Madden with updated squads, you buy Madden every year, or you didnt get Madden 11 like me.. pass on this game. Don’t even rent it. Although, if you do play this game, play it on mute, and be ready for the commentary to go completely out of whack.

There you go, if you want more game reviews, then either comment below, or twitter me @ThatDamnDoubleC. If you’re a fan of video games, or other nerdy/geeky material or just looking for that cool thing on the internet everyone’s watching, then check out thestream.tv. Finally, if you didn’t get my Twitter account, it’s @ThatDamnDoubleC.

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  1. I've heard some really good things about Driver: San Francisco. There are too many games versus my time and budget coming out over the next few months that I will have to make some crucial decisions about what to get on drop day, and what to pick up later. Madden will be substituted for NHL12 (but that always happens with me). As much as I want to play Deus Ex, I kind of blew my budget with Dead Island (awesome, BTW). I am planning on picking up that title ASAP. Great game review! Like seeing the love for the gamers here.

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