I’m taking this far too seriously these days. I actually have notes written in front of me as I type this. I never needed notes before, maybe it’s my old age getting to me, or maybe.. just maybe.. I want to produce something that is actually readable, and that makes sense. Although, it will probably make as much sense as LeBron James winning an NBA title..


On tonight’s small-screen sideshow..

The Dallas Mavericks show the world that Darko Milicic has as many Championship rings than Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh combined

Exclusive Video of Prince William’s secret tryout with the Buffalo Sabres.

The NFL and NBA go into lockout mode. The NHL sues them for ripping off their ideas.

Vancouver shows the world just how bad of losers they really are after tanking in the Stanley Cup Finals.

and Nintendo’s Wii-U to have the theme music of ‘Buddy Holly‘ by Weezer.. but still won’t be allowed to be parodied by Weird Al Yankovic.

Gee, the eHarmony.com ads have gotten weird..

But, to the reason I’m here.. and surprise surprise, it’s not about wrestling. Even though, and I’ve said it before but it bares repeating for the stupid people, I don’t watch wrestling now, and besides, there’s something more important than that going on right now. If you said the trial of Casey Anthony, then leave. Leave right now and don’t come back for at least fifteen minutes. No, I’m talking hockey, and not movies involving Emilio Estevez or Kurt Russell, I’m talking Free Agency. NHL Free Agency. Rather than go into it in much detail (that’s what Wonderpod Online is for), I will go through who I think got the best deals, and.. the teams to watch for next season.

Time for the new NHL on NBC promo!

First off, the big winner in Free Agency, has to be the New York Hockey Rangers, re-signing wingman Ruslan Fedotenko for the next year. He will only cost $1.4 mil, as opposed to their other signing, the 2004 Lady Byng and Conn Smythe winner, Brad Richards, who was signed from my Dallas Stars on a 9-year, $60m deal. The talent of Richards means it’s a win for whomever has him. However, he was injured for the end of last year, and really hurt our playoff chances, so he’ll come back fresh as a daisy, just in time to lead the Rangers to glory. Typical, we go buy six players, including Stanley Cup winning wingman Michael Ryder, and experienced D-Man Sheldon Souray, and yet, I’d still rather have Richards. Now who’ll lead our first line? Mike Ribeiro? Sure he got 71 points last season, but the only thing Mike Ribeiro is good for, is trade bait on every NHL game. On NHL 11, he and Jamie Benn got me Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek from the Buffalo Sabres, but Vanek was soon traded to the Blackhawks for the much cheaper Patrick Sharp.

I still think the Penguins made the best trade a few years ago when they traded Bill Guerin to the Triumvirate or TN-Awesomeness in exchange for ThinkSoJoe, JT, and DrowGoddess. Working with Bill was awesome, he taught me how to fight when he was at Dallas, I taught him how to write pointless blogs about hockey on wrestling websites.

Also, the Flyers signing Jaromir Jagr? You know what this means don’t you? I have a starting RW for my NHL Fantasy team.

The team to watch for.. the Minnesota Wild. The main reason, is because they have a new feeder team in the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks made the playoffs last year, and with Heatley, Setoguchi, and Charlie Coyle going there. They will be just as good as the Sharks. Sure the Sharks gained Martin Havlat and Brent Burns out of the trade, but at least the Wild didnt get Dustin Byfuglien, or Wade Redden.

Remember ThinkSoJoe, history will be made.

One last note, have you ever wondered how to play just like an NHL Defenceman? Here’s how! (NOTE: This is the funniest video I have seen in a long, long time.)

and on that bombshell, it’s time to end.. with.. the latest cover of the Lonely Island song, as sung by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.


  1. William should've gone top shelf, left corner. Goalie left that completely open.

    I'm still trying to block out the national shame Vancouver provided the international media about my country… [hangs head]

    The actual Buddy Holly was the man.

    I seriously need to start following that blogesalming. Great vid's! Ha ha, Pronger and Edmonton, matched in 2005!

    Well, I liked reading this hockey post, but you already knew that. As much as my team (Oilers) and yours have a long standing rivalry, I feel bad that the Stars picked up the cancer that is Souray. They buried him in the minors for having a poor attitude… maybe not as bad as what Avery brought to your club in that failed experiment (and classic sound byte!). We'll have to see if the burial humbled him. Realistically, he only had one good season with the Habs… then did ok in Edmonton until he kept getting injured.

    There was a number of questionable signings thus far. The Flyers plan baffles me… they are almost a totally different team. I agree that the Wild should be better. Buffalo looks SCARY now, but having an owner who is willing to spend is great thing for Sabre fans. It is going to be a very interesting season of hockey with the number of shake ups, as well as the possibility of the US not having the NBA and NFL seasons. Sadly, we're already hearing grumbling about another lockout for the NHL with the nature of these frontloaded contracts in the near future.

  2. First off, to G, a local company was actually selling t-shirts that read "Pegula 7:1 – And the darkest day shall be made light again." Holy shit did that hold true. You knew with the last minute addition of Brad Boyes last season that Terry Pegula is not fucking around when it comes to this team. And now he even owns our AHL team. Gotta love that.

    I saw my name highlighted as a link. I HAD to click it. Saw that the title of the video was "History Will Be Made – Brett Hull," and I started saying "oh, you mother fucker." Then I saw the punchline. Love it.

    And yes, I will put over the video you posted about how to be an NHL Defenseman. Especially the verse about the Sabres, lol.

    Thanks for visiting LK, it's always a pleasure!

  3. @G.. I bet you, the Oilers are thinking 'We got rid of that virus known as Sheldon Souray', whereas Souray is thinking 'I got rid of that virus known as the Edmonton Oilers'. I personally think the Stars won't do much next year. I mean, Morrow and Loui can't do everything. Steve Ott will do what Steve Ott does, and Ribeiro, well he made the All-Star game not so long ago, so who knows. But the Oilers should have a lot of young players now with all the dfaft picks. It's time for the Islanders to fall.

    @Joe. I knew you'd like that. I'm just lucky it wasn't a Scott Norwood link lol. I dicsovered that 'training' video last night, and in actual fact, I was more distracted by PHHHHIIIILLLLLL KKKKEEEESSSSSSSSSEEEELLLLL, I wasn't bothering with the column, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

    • The Scott Norwood thing doesn't bother me, actually. I like to refer to that when talking to Bills fans about Super Bowls. That and Joe Montana's epic fourth quarter comeback against the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII, since I'm a 9ers fan.

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