You expected all week for a Part Deux, but Charlie Sheen beat me to it. This is the War on Everything.

Welcome to the War for another week, here on the BWF network. The only column in the BWF network with it’s own theme song.

WWE programming is still being boycotted unfortunately, which means, that I now declare war on World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s about time, that it gets dragged from this kid-friendly infestation that it’s crawled itself into, and into an era that accommodates the fans that have there during its good and bad days, and the entirety of 1995. Now, the only way to declare war on Vinnie Mac and his kiddie carnival is by heading to the other side of the tracks, and supporting TNA, and ROH. By supporting the opposition, and losing interest in the McMahon family, then Vince will have to resort to what he knows works, and that’s pleasing the fans that supported him for so long. Then, maybe just maybe, the WWE shows a little attitude in his programming and everyone is happy.

My second favourite RAW is WAR match of all time.

Speaking of TNA, they have announced for the first time ever, they are touring my part of the world. Details can found at All that stands from me and seeing my first wrestling event ever, is the dollars required, and my ability to order decent tickets in time. With that said, I know people reading this have been to a TNA House Show before, so all I’m asking is, what should I expect to pay for tickets etc.?

My favourite RAW is WAR match of all time … Part One.

Let me leave the squared circle for just a moment, and add a few little tidbits to the column.

Why can’t I find NHL 10 on the website? Does that mean it’s not coming out in Australia?

How do I make it, so it says ‘Click here to continue reading such and such …’? Why can everyone else do it and I can’t?

I’m picking up the Rise and Fall of WCW this week. Do I need to be warned of Buff Bagwell sightings?

What book should I read next? Bret Hart’s, William Regal’s, Batista’s or Andre the Giant’s?

My song of the week.

Are unemployment benefits good for people if you’re having trouble finding new work, even though dealing with the company that provides the services, are a pain in the arse?

Can you tell I’m Australian, because I said arse, instead of ass?

The Survivor Series anthology is coming in November, although it looks like it’s coming in sections of four, rather than the box set the previous three have came in.

My favourite RAW is WAR match of all time … Part Two.

That’s all from the War this week. Stay tuned to throughout the week, and be sure to visit the forums and have your say. This has been the one the call ‘Legend Killer’, telling you, that not only is he Double C, but he wants you to staple gun his genitals to the wall, so we can both have a ball.


  1. The "Part Deux" reference is either awesome or horrible. I'm undecided.

    How can you boycott "Smackdown????" I know you have a point to make, but that's just masochistic.

  2. The first TNA house show I went in 2007 to ticket prices were $20-$25.
    The one I went to in July this year was $50 for front row, $35, and $20 for the cheap seats. I don't know how much that is in Australia dollars though.

    Read Bret Hart's book, it's the only one of those 4 that I've read. I haven't had the chance to read Regal's, I won't read Batista's due to fear of injury and I didn't even know Andre had a book out.

  3. How can the "Part Deux" reference be horrible? The movie is good, and I only did part one last week. I mind, I was doing a part two, but I just didnt.

    Thanks JT. That'd be about $75 for front row seats at the moment, after exchange.

    I will read Bret's book next. I've got to finish 'Why We Suck: A Guide To Feeling Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid' by Dr. Denis Leary now.

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