Here I go again. In my weekly column, I wrote how I shouldn’t write two columns in a night. Well, this is my third.

Word of warning, I have not watched ECW prior to this review.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Shelton Benjamin

Yoshi Tatsu is the full name of the little green dinosaur from Mario. Why he’s wrestling in ECW now is beyond me. It could be because they lost most of their talent in the trade, but none-the-less, let’s see if the rest of his buddies join him in the coming weeks. Can you imagine Wario vs Tommy Dreamer?

The debut of “the Abraham Washington show”

Wasn’t he a President of the United States? Wow, a former President on ECW. Too bad they didn’t get a decent one, because this guy sucked. If the Simpsons can get George Bush Sr. and Gerald Ford in the same episode, then the WWE can get a decent former President, like Bill Clinton. That way, the Bella twins, whom were the guests, could’ve done something useful for the first time in their WWE careers.

Sheamus def. some random, let’s say … Billy Jack Haynes

This guy is a white man, with four man-boobs. If you don’t believe me, go to the ECW photos at, and look at pic #26. You tell me that isn’t another set. He’s also Irish. So was Brendan Behan, and so is Finlay, as is Hornswoggle. Three Irishmen in the WWE. Just thought I’d mention it.

William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov def. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Christian

A Brit and a Russian versus and American and a Canadian. I thought the Brit’s were on the Americans side? Either way, Tommy Dreamer took the loss, because he realized that he wasn’t Edge, so Christian couldn’t be cool. Good to see Regal finally get used, whether or not this lasts remains to be seen is another thing.

That’s it for this multi-cultural version of ECW, someone else will do a much better job of reviewing ECW than me next week I’m sure. Until then, stay tuned for Superstars and iMPACT later in the week, and read my column!

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