We’re up to the first vote on NXT. Some people expect some people will be tossed from the show, but I doubt that will happen

These are the criteria the NXT rookies will be scored on:
Wins and Losses
Strength of Opponents
Worth Ethic
The “It” Factor

Matt Striker is in the ring explaining the situation to the fans and asks if the rookies have impressed the fans. They get a luke warm response. He brings out the rookies. The caption incorrectly says Heath Slater is 3-1.

The scoring is called the Pro’s Poll.

Here’s the rankings.

Darren Young is number 8.
Michael Tarver is number 7
Skip Sheffield is number 6
David Otunga is number 5
Heath Slater is number 4
Justin Gabriel is number 3 and gets a cheer
Wade Barrett gets number 2
And Daniel Bryan is number 1

Darren Young says he knows the fans know his situation and he’s going to have to step up and show them what he’s capable off.

Daniel Bryan says his record may not be the best and Michael Cole may not think he has the IT-Factor. He goes on to take a shot at Otunga, without naming names. Otunga gets in his face and talks about his charisma and says talking to Bryan is like eating mashed potatoes. Bryan wonders what that even means.

In six weeks there will be another poll. The number 8 guy in it will be eliminated, then over the next three weeks they will wittle it down to a Final Four.

The winner of the NXT competition will get a title shot at a PPV against a champion of their choosing.

They will all be in the ring in a battle royal in the main event. The winner of that battle royal will be the Guest Host for Raw.

Michael Cole says he doesn’t agree with the poll and says Daniel Bryan being 0-5 is like Appalachian State being number 1 in the NCAA football poll, then he mentions a poll on WWE.com

Next up we have an 8 man tag match for the pros. It’s Raw vs Smackdown. So that’s Christian, Carlito, Regal and Miz vs Matt Hardy, CM Punk, R-Truth and Jericho.

Chris Jericho comes out in a suit and says he’s not wrestling because of Edge’s attack so Barrett substitutes. He says he voted for Barrett despite not being able to vote for your own rookie.

R-Truth slaps the apple out of Carlito’s mouth. He works him over them tags in Punk. Punk legdrops the arm, but Carlito punches out of an armbar. Regal tags in. He then gets on his knees begging Punk for something. Punk tags out to Barrett. Regal shakes his hand and tags to Christian. Frankly Regal looked more like he might have been mocking the Straight Edged Savior thing. Cole suggested he wanted to switch rookies.

Barrett gets and advantage punching after Christian slides under him, gets a shoulderblock on Christian but he runs into an elbow, gets a kick to the gut and is sunset flipped. During all this Cole and Matthews tell us about a brawl between Sheffield and Barrett after last weeks tag match. Matt Hardy tags in. Miz comes in. Miz with a shot to the gut. Matt slams his head into the turnbuckle, gets a corner clothesline and punches in the corner. Miz and Matt go over the top.

Carlito with an elbow on Matt. Chinlock, shoulder in the corner. Miz tags in. Miz with a sleeper. Matt with a jawbreaker. R-Truth in. Flapjack. Heel kick. Truth takes some shots at the guys on the apron. Miz with a Reverse DDT backbreaker, then a neckbreaker. Regal pummels Truth and wips him hard to the corner. Carlito in stomping away. Chinlock with a knee to the back. Dropkick to Truth after he fights out. Christian in. Snapmare and a neckvice. Elbow to Truth. Regal in.

Knees to the chest and a butterfly suplex. Miz in. Suplex. Legdrop. Chinlock. Knee to the gut. He does his clothesline in the corner. He goes to the top. Leaps into a dropkick. Punk and Christian come in. Euro uppercut off the second rope. GTS then Killswitch blocked. Knee to the head by Punk. Pendulum kick, then a missle dropkick off the second rope. The cover is broken up.

Hardy with the Twist of Fate to Carlito. Regal with an exploder to Matt. Truth gets rid of Regal, then sidesteps Miz and dives out onto him. Christian with a reverse DDT to Barrett then nails Punk. Jericho grabs Christian’s leg then Barrett hits his finisher, with a lot more force.

Lots of back and forth banter between Jericho, Cole and Matthews.

The Battle Royal is up after a replay of Shawn’s speech last night. Very touching.

The plug the poll and say you can rank the rookies. All I can find is the favorite poll.

Funnily enough despite the number of times we’ve had people come to the ring, including the pros this is the first time we’re getting an individual theme.

Wade Barret is pummeled by everyone and tossed immediately.

Darren Young was tossed during the commercial. Skip Sheffield doublt clotheslined a couple people but was tossed by Young and Gabriel. Bryan tossed Young. Bryan tosses Tarver, skins the cat. Slater eliminates both Bryan and himself with a crossbody.

Down to Gabriel and Otunga. Shoulders in the corner by Otunga. Kicks to the hamstring by Gabriel. Misses a spin kick, hits and enziguri. 450 splash. Otunga plays dead weight. Rakes the eyes and tosses him. Not bad. R-Truth comes out to congratulate him.

Matt Striker enters the ring and announces that Otunga will guest host Raw. Otunga says he told them so. He calls himself Mr. NXT. He guarentees everything will be topnotch next week. First thing, he wants 427 green M&Ms in his dressing room.

All in all a good show, but I think it’d be more interesting to have Bryan guest host, to see his personality.


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