We open up with a replay of the Keg carry and the main event of Heath Slater and Kane.

We’ve got to expect some mention of the Cena/Otunga match last night. Otherwise, who knows?

After the replay Matt Striker is in the ring, calling the rookies down. Last to first again.

Striker asks Michael Tarver if the pressure is getting to him. The pitbull unleashed got DQed in the keg carry, then lost his match. Tarver says “Whether I win or lose, I will not lose.”

Otunga says he wrestled the WWE champion on Raw. Let’s see anyone else doing that. We get a “You tapped out chant.”

Justin Gabriel says he’d like to get a match against Cena to see how he does.

The winner of tonight’s mental challenge, cutting a promo to the English crowd on pre-selected topics, will get to create their own entrance music.

Daniel Bryan gets passion but get interrupted by Striker to keep him on topic. He finishes with “I love England.”

Wade Barrett talks about how he’s not blase

Justin Gabriel gets flowers and has nothing to say.

Slater’s topic is cereal.

David Otunga has to talk about sleep. He doesn’t get much.

Skip Sheffield doesn’t even stay on his topic of rainbows and doesn’t use all his time.

Tarver’s topic is itchy. He doesn’t talk.

Darren Youg’s topic is toothpaste. He says a lot of people England don’t use it.

Tarver grabs the mike and rants.

Striker instructs the crowd to make noise if they like people, stay quiet if they don’t. Heath Slater gets a quiet reaction, Gabriel only a bit louder. Barrett and Skip Sheffield get the best reactions. They have a talk off. Skip Sheffield has to talk about bubble gum. He says he doesn’t choose it. Barrett talks about winds and the winds of change. Wade Barrett will be the first ever English WWE champion.

Barrett gets his best reaction.

I wonder if this was scripted?

Replay of last night’s Raw, with Batista unable to answer a visual ten count after an STF

Darren Young is confronting the Straight Edge Society. Punk respects what Young did for standing up for what he believes in. Gallows is getting to much into the yesman thing, even Punk shoots him a look.

They decide to make a match for Young’s hair against Gallows.

Our first match, over a half hour in, is Christian vs Wade Barrett. Slater accompanies Christian.

Waistlock by Christian. headlock and shoulderblock by Barrett. Dropkick and headlock by Christian. Back suplex out. Back suplex setup, slingshot into a backbreaker. Punching away. Forearms by Barrett and choking him on the ropes. Christian pulls down the top rope and Barrett goes over the top. He leaps to the second rope and dives over the top.

Christian runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. And another backbreaker.

Christian with a running flying forearm. Reverse DDT.

Carlito and Tarver are watcher. Choking in the ropes, Christian leaps over the top decks him. Crossbody.

Boot to the face by Barrett. Shoulders in the back in the corner. Let’s go Christain chant.

Pendulum kick. diving Euro uppercut. Chris Jericho with a distraction, Barrett sets up his finisher, Slater grabs his leg and Christian slips out to hit the Killswitch.

Otunga on Access Hollywood.

Miz gets in Bryan’s face. He actually claimed that the WWE pros named Bryan number 1 because of his star power.

Daniel Bryan vs Willaim Regal. Regal is smiling. I’d like to see Regal offer to trade rookies. Armbar, roll through. Running forearm, dragon suplex, euro uppercuts by Regal. Kicks in the corner.

Regal decks him. Euro uppercut. Guilotine choke. Regal turns it into a suplex. Knee trembler. Miz attacks him from behind. Then he hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Bryan.

And now it’s time for Darren Young vs Luke Gallows. We’re already in overtime. Interestingly Gallows has his own music besides Punk. Gallows starts pounding him with forearms then hits a headbutt and a body crush.

Gallows pounding away to the top of the head. Kicks in the corner. Misses a corenr charge, but so does Young and he’s trapped on the top.

Fallaway slam. Knee to the gut. Short clothesline. Matt and Justin Gabriel watching. Young with a schoolboy for the win.

Punk raises his hand.

Overall a good show. This really does show that the fans just aren’t getting behind Slater. He did just fine in his promo but he can’t get a lot of cheers.

I’d like to see Young’s finisher again. He keeps getting wins with rollups.

It was good to see more of Willaim Reagal and I’d like to see someone stick up for Bryan. The idea that anyone voted for Bryan because of Miz should not be unchallenged.

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