As stated yesterday, I’ve been super busy lately, to the point that I haven’t even gotten to watch SmackDown from this past Friday, which included Jeff Hardy’s title celebration.  However, since you guys are good to me, here (after the jump, of course) are the results, courtesy of!

* SmackDown starts off with the new WWE Champion Jeff Hardy being introduced. He comes out to a huge pop with a spectacular pyro and confetti. He talks about finally being champion. Edge comes out to interrupt. He tells Jeff it takes more than just a day or two to be a true champion and that he stole the title from him. Edge then says Vickie has announced two matches for tonight: Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov.

Jeff then asks Edge if he’s done and hits Twist of Fate.

* Hurricane Helms & R-Truth b. Shelton Benjamin & MVP
– Helms get the win via pinfall on Shelton.

* John Morrison b. Festus
– Morrison gets the win the moonlight drive after The Miz hit Jesse with the bell making Festus comatose again.

* Matt Hardy cuts a promo backstage before his match with Edge. He’s receiving a huge pop from the live audience.

* Edge b. Matt Hardy
– Hardy comes out to a huge pop while Edge comes out to big heat. Edge gets the clean win after hitting Hardy with a spear.

* Ezekiel Jackson b. Carlito
– Ezekiel gets the win via pinfall. Both The Brian Kendrick and Primo Colon are at ringside during the match.

* Maryse b. Maria
– The winner will get a future match for the Divas Championship. Michelle McCool is at ringside. Maria slaps Maryse to start the match. Maryse gets the win via pinfall after hitting a DDT. She taunts Michelle who is sitting with Jim Ross and Tazz.

* Ken Kennedy promo with MVP promoting his Behind Enemy Lines DVD movie.

* The Great Khali is interviewed. Rajin Singh says Mae Young is Khali’s soul mate. Khali smiles.

* The main event is up next. Vladimiz Kozlov comes out to big heat while Jeff Hardy comes out to another huge pop.

* WWE Champion Jeff Hardy b. Vladimir Kozlov
– Hardy gets the win after Edge interferes. Kozlov and Edge double team Hardy until Triple H comes to the rescue. Kozlov runs away when Hunter gets his the sledgehammer. This concludes SmackDown.

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