It’s Friday, and you know what that means – time for another edition of WWE SmackDown!  I’m not in a very creative mood for this intro tonight, so let’s get started!

The World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk kicks off SmackDown.

Punk breaks down the facts on the controversy from The Bash – his foot was under the ropes when the ref made the three count on him, and realized his mistake, Punk was elbowed in the eye, and couldn’t see who he was kicking. Punk doesn’t take the cheap way out, in the ring or out. Jeff had every reason to be frustrated, but nothing excuses his post match attack. Jeff wants a rematch, which is fine, but Punk wants and apology right now.

You know it’s the Mack Militant!

SmackDown general mananager Theodore long joins Punk in the ring. Long makes it official, at Night of Champions, Punk will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy. He’s going to shake things up again at Night of Champions, so tonight, it’s Chris Jericho and Edge taking on Jeff Hardy and CM Punk.

So you see the writing on the wall…

Jeff Hardy is painted up tonight and joins the GM and the Champion. He doesn’t wnat to hear Punk’s excuses – Punk knew what he was doing. Punk says that if he’s not apologizing he can shut up. Jeff apologizes pre-emptively for beating the holy hell out of Punk at Night of Champions. Punk tells Hardy they need to be on the same page, since they’re at a disadvantage because of his eye injury. He knows Hardy wants to beat him up some more, but he should do something he should’ve done a long time ago – just say no.


Ricky Ortiz is already in the ring.  You know what that means?  It means he’s going to lose.  Especially since his opponent is Finlay.  Heh, it’s almost interchangeable with the Haas/Morrison match from last night’s WWE Superstars.

Ortiz asks Finlay what’s wrong and to ditch the negative attitude, because he’s on SmackDown.  He should drop the shillelagh, drop the frown, and rally up.  Finlay slaps him.

Finlay def. Ricky Ortiz

Ortiz held his own early on, but Finlay still picked up a relatively easy win with the Celtic Cross

Dolph Ziggler is… apparently humping the floor backstage, when Maria introduces herself to him.  They agree they had fun last night, and they should go out again.  She wishes him luck, he says he might get lucky tonight.


Later tonight, it’s Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, but right now…

I am perfection!

Dolph Ziggler is in action.  He’s got a look and gimmick that you wouldn’t expect to get over, but for some reason, I’m entertained by the guy.  K-Kwik R-Truth wants you to Get Rowdy stand up and say What’s Up.

Dolph Ziggler def. R-Truth

A good back and forth match sees Ziggler drop Truth throat first over the top rope before hitting his finisher for the win.

Later on, Edge and Chris Jericho take on CM Punk and Jeff Hardy.


Cryme Tyme presents Word Up:  Today’s word is “Wanksta” a person who acts and looks like a gangster or thug but has never done anything of the sort other than act and look the part.  They go on a street safari.  They find Jimmy Wang Yang, the rare Asian Rednick, then they find Jesse, a.k.a. Jeezy.  Jesse approaches them, and they leave.  He calls them a bunch of Wankstas.  Way to rip off 50 Cent, Cryme Tyme!

Rey Mysterio is once again the Intercontinental Champion.  He’s also wrestling Kane for the 50,000,000,000th time when we come back.


Kane disappears for a few months, and when he comes back, he’s wrestling Rey Mysterio again.  Fun.

Kane def. Rey Mysterio

It’s all Kane – who looks like he put on a few pounds while he’s been out – in the early going.  He dominates Mysterio heading into…


Kane is still dominating when we come back.  Know what that means?  It probably means that Mysterio’s gonna win.  Sure enough, Mysterio starts to battle back.  I think Rey’s got some new ink – at least, I haven’t seen it before.  He hits the 619 but is caught out of the West Coast Pop attempt, then chokeslammed for his trouble.  A successful return to SmackDown for the Big Red Machine!

Kane grabs Mysterio by the throad one more time after the match, but The Great Khali’s music hits, and the Punjabi Playboy chases Kane off through the crowd with a steel chair.

Chris Jericho has asked for some mic time.  He says it brings asmile to his face to see Mysterio get what he deserves, and he’ll be smiling even more when he invokes his rematch clause and wins the IC Championship for the tenth time.  Edge reminds him that tonight they’ve got a match against CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, and that Punk’s got an injured eye.  Jericho says that Punk is a liar and that he and Edge will beat him and Jeff Hardy and his pathetic painted face.  Edge says those are his thoughts exactly.


The Hart Dynasty are here and making their SmackDown debut, coming over as part of the trade announced on Monday.  Their opponents are -ugh- Cryme Tyme.

Cryme Tyme def. The Hart Dynasty

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are going to be the future of this business, and the move to SmackDown benefits Natalya as well, as she’s back on a brand that she can compete on and go for a championship.  The Hart Dynasty dominate early on JTG, but when Shad gets the tag in, the tide turns.  Tyson Kidd inadvertently distracts the referee, allowing a cheap shot from JTG on the outside on Smith, leading to Thugnificence from Shad, who picks up the pinfall.

RAW REBOUND: Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton.


The new WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool, is in tag team action, teaming tonight with Layla.  Their opponents are Melina and Maria.  Hooray for multi-diva clusterf*#(s.

Michelle & Layla vs. Maria & Melina

There are only a handful out of the Divas who can actually wrestle.  Melina is one of them, and Michelle is another.  That’s probably why they like to throw in those who are trying their hardest, a la Layla and Maria in these matches, to try to help them progress without having to have a match that completely sucks.  Melina hit some kind of leg drop move here on Layla to pick up the win.


Last week, John Morrison pinned the World Heavyweight Champion.

Morrison tells Teddy Long he thinks he’s deserving a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship after Night of Champions.  The two of them start breaking into Michael Jackson songs, which was AWESOME!

Edge and Chris Jericho get separate entrances, despite being the Unified Tag Team Champions. The main event of Friday Night SmackDown is NEXT!


Jeff Hardy is out first for his team, followed by the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.

CM Punk & Jeff Hardy vs. Edge & Chris Jericho

Punk and Hardy actually work well together early on, albeit reluctantly.  The duo even hit Poetry in Motion on Edge before staring each other down in the ring, leading us into a…


Not long after the break, Hardy went to tag Punk in, but Punk seemed to have an issue with his eye.  The Tag Team Champions take over the match, working over Hardy.  When Hardy manages to get some separation, he can’t make the tag because Punk seemingly can’t see him.  Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind on Chris Jericho, but can’t seem to even get over to his corner.  Jericho tags in Edge, who stalls Hardy’s trek to the corner, but Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and hits Punk with a forearm to tag him in.  Punk gets in and hits the kneelift/bulldog combination and goes for a GTS, but Edge gets out.  When Jericho and Punk both go down, Hardy cheers on Punk, and when Punk gets to the corner, Hardy overacts an eye injury of his own, falling to the ground and clutching at his eye.  Punk is left to fend for himself, hitting Jericho with the GTS, but getting hit with a Spear by Edge, who made a blind tag.  Edge makes the cover and gets the win for his team.

Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Edge after the match, but the Champions escape before he can hit a Swanton.  Hardy mocks Punk’s “eye injury” before leaving.  Punk fumes in the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.

My Thoughts: Here, you guys have got to see this.  Keep in mind this footage is property of World Wrestling Entertainment, and will be removed immediately upon their request.

How great was that?  Nevermind they screwed up a bunch of lyrics, it was an awesome tribute to the late King of Pop.

My only real complaint about tonight’s show is that Cryme Tyme beat The Hart Dynasty.  On the bright side, they pretty much stole the match.  The down side, of course, is that they’re the faces.

Other than that, it was a pretty good show, and it’ll be interesting to see if they follow up with Morrison’s request to face the Champion, whomever it may be, following Night of Champions.  That’s it for me tonight, I’ll be back with another ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts in the morning!

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