Hey, my Peeps!  I’m back from a 2 week hiatus.  I have been out of town skiing.  Let’s get this thing started.

Match 1:  Jillian Hall vs Kelly Kelly

Jillian comes out first and sings a Miley Cyrus song.  Kelly Kelly interupts with her entrance.  I don’t like diva wrestling, but Kelly Kelly has gotten better.  She is still nowhere near good enough to be an in-ring performer.  Why can’t WWE get women who can actually wrestle?  How does TNA get women who look good, but can also wrestle?  Anyways…Kelly Kelly wins with a Leg Drop to the back of Jillian’s head.  Michael Cole called it the Kelly Kick.  I guess we can go with that name for now.  Too much time was devouted to this craptacular match.

Match 2:  Shelton Benjamin vs Vance Archer

This match should not be on ECW as a top level fued for the show, so  Superstars is the right venue for this one.  I hate Archer’s tramp stamp too!  This match is really clumsy tonight.  Vance Archer is normally pretty aggressive and physical, but going into the commercial break, he really hasn’t displayed it in this match.  We come back from commercial, with Archer in control.  He is starting to be more dominant, but still seems slow and unsure of what to do.  I’m not sure what to think of his character.  The fans are really dead on the guy, but Shelton isn’t getting much pop in this match either.  Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton even commented on how boring this match is by saying not to fall asleep.  The clumsiness of this match is mind-boggling.  It’s no wonder that Shelton Benjamin has never been pushed to the main event level.  The guy can’t carry a match with a guy who is clearly low-level at this point.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Archer was released during the next batch of firings.  Shelton gets the win over the undefeated Vance Archer with a very anti-climactic role up pin.  This match was awful.

Ask the Divas….yawn

Main Event:  Chris Jericho vs Kane

Random main event match for Superstars…what else is new???  WWE has missed so many opportunities with Kane.  He can be pushed to be so dominant if creative will just book him correctly.  I also feel as if they have sort of ruined Chris Jericho’s persona.  They have him cowarding out to everybody right now.  They need to freshen him up a little bit.  However, this might be the best main event we have ever had on Superstars.  These two guys are Hall of Famers in my opinion.  The match goes to commercial with Kane flipping over the top ropes and to the floor below.  When was the last time a match didn’t go to commercial after someone went to the outside?  Back from commercial and this match really picks up.  It ends when Jericho cowards out of the ring and walks away for the countout.

Alrighty then…see you guys next week for another Superstars.

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