Welcome, my friends to the show that never ends.  I’m so glad you could attend.  Come inside, come inside.  The Circus that is WWE Superstars is here.

Match 1:  Jack Swagger and William Regal vs Santino Marella and Chris Masters w/ Eve

Santino is absolutely hilarious! He hit a cartwheel and the drop-down splits and then attempted to unleash the cobra.  Swagger and Masters need to compete for the US Title.  The end of the match came when Masters put the Masterlock on Swagger, but Regal interrupted and Swagger hit the gutwrench powerbomb for the win.

Match 2:  Zack Ryder w/ Rosa Mendez vs Primo Colon

This was a highly entertaining match.  Primo is quick and exciting and Ryder is definitely a rising star in the WWE.  Woo Woo Woo…You know it!  Primo got in his fast offense, highlighted by his cartwheel.  Ryder hit the Rough Ryder and eventually the Zack Attack for the win.  Ryder is another guy who should be thrown into the US Title mix.  The problem with RAW right now is there are too many guys who should be involved in the US Title hunt. 

Match 3:  Luke Gallows w/ Serena vs Sylas Young

Its about time they give Gallows some time on his own without Punk.  He cut a promo saying Serena and him would like to dedicate the match to their Straight Edge savior, CM Punk.  This was a quick squash for Gallows to exhibit his power and dominance since most people don’t recognize him as the former Festus.  He has some unique offense and hit the 12th Step for the win.  Serena then gets in the ring and kicks Young in the ribs and out of the ring.

Main Event:  Great Khali, Matt Hardy, and Maria vs The Hart Dynasty

What is the point of Khali and Fatt Lardy being partners?  Surely they could have found a better partner that isn’t doing anything at the time for each of these two.  They both suck, so I don’t understand why people want to see them.  Khali can’t move and Hardy apparently is living off past glory.  It’s good he went back to the pants and got away from the baby pajama bottoms he was wearing.  The Hart Dynasty should be working more meaningful matches than this.  They are probably the best tag team in the WWE and should be shown as such.  Tyson Kidd hit the Hart Attack on Matt Hardy for the win. 

See ya next week for another arousing episode of WWE Superstars.

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