Let’s just get into this shall we.

Match 1:  Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall

I think I have a great idea for Superstars.  The show should just feature diva’s and contenders for the US and IC titles.  At least then, the show would make some type of sense.  Instead, we are forced to see random matches that make no sense except to give some of the talent a little bit of exposure.  Anyways…Gail wins with her jaw breaker finisher.

Match 2:  Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendez vs Primo

I guess this will be the last time we see Ryder and Rosa together, as she was drafted to Smackdown in the supplemental draft on Tuesday.  Ryder should be pushed into the US title race soon.  Maybe with Edge on RAW, we can get some type of storyline between them.  Ryder wins with the Zack Attack.

Match 3:  The new Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs The Dudebusters

Those title look natural with the Hart Dynasty.  David Hart Smith is looking a little less pudgy these days and has gotten a lot better in the ring.  For some reason, Matt Striker called Natalya “Lady Gaga”…ok???  The Hart Dynasty wins with the Hart Attack. 

See ya next week, my peeps.

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