10 days until Hell in a Cell.  That means 2 more Superstars to review.  Lets get the first one out of the way.

Match 1:  The Masterpiece Chris Master vs Primo Colon

Its time to start pushing Chris Masters into something big.  This guy is huge!  Primo is a very good inhancement talent.  Masters should not be losing to Primo, but I understand that Primo can’t job every week and needs some credibility for himself.  Primo wins this with a quick roll up.  This is fine with me, as Masters was not made to look weak in the loss.  Primo is always fun to watch and he has so much more talent than Carlito, but I still see Carlito as having more to offer.  Go figure.

Match 2:  Goldust vs William Regal

Lord Regal’s court follows him to the ring in this one.  Big Zeke is a star!  Kozlov not so much, but he is ginormous too.  Should Goldust still be called Goldust if his ring attire is more black than gold?  Goldust wins this one via DQ.  Kozlov and Ezekial Jackson help Regal dismantle Goldust.  Christian, Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu rush to the ring to save the Golden one.

Match 3:  Michelle McCool and Layla vs Maria and Melina

If you have missed it, over the last few weeks Maria and Melina have been on the outs, as Maria thinks Melina has been trying to sabotage her relationship with Mr. Ziggles.  Early on, Maria and Melina seem to be on the same page.  Michelle McCool hits a big boot to Maria’s face and Layla gets the pin.  After the match, Maria wants nothing to do with Melina.  This proves that good booking and creative writing can make women’s matches interesting. 

Ask the divas segment.  Who cares?!

Main Event:  Matt Hardy vs Kane

Matt just doesn’t do it for me at all.  He is out of shape, doesn’t speak well, and can’t do the things he used to be able to.  Kane, however, should be a main event heel on Smackdown right now, but the fans will always love him too.  Why are the fans behind Matt so much?  Is it because he is Jeff’s brother?  He certainly isn’t exciting to watch or listen to anymore.  Matt wins via DQ as Kane straddles Matt on the ropes several times and then delivers a Chokeslam for good measure.  Even after leaving Matt in a heaping pile in the ring, the fans still popped for Kane as he left the ring. 

Thanks for checking out the review this week.  Join me next week as I will also give my HIAC predictions.

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