What’s up, Peeps?!  The HIAC ppv is approaching and I like the concept.  The last Superstars has come and gone and my review is late today… like it normally is.  I try to be fashonably late.

Match 1:  Shad w/ JTG and Eve vs Tyson Kidd w/ David Hart Smith and Natalya

As Todd Grisham said, Shad will try to rep his hood in this match.  Shad gets the win in this relatively long match by Superstars standards.  Pretty nice finish sees Shad catching Tyson Kidds springboard into a reverse Russian Leg Sweep.

Match 2:  Shaemus vs Tyler Reks

How has Tyler Reks not been released yet?  This guy can’t even walk properly!  Shaemus gets the win with a boot to the face.

Main Event:  The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

I want The Miz to be US champ soon!  He’s awesome!!!  Kofi is good too I guess.  He picks up the win in this one as he hits the Trouble in Paradise.

Hell in a Cell Predictions

Intercontinental Title Match:  John Morrison defeats Dolph Ziggler

United States Championship Triple Threat Match:  Jack Swagger defeats The Miz and Kofi Kingston

Unified Tag Title Match:  JeriShow defeats Batista and Rey Mysterio

Tag Team HIAC Match:  DX defeats Legacy

Divas Title Match:  Mickie James defeats Alicia Fox

World Heavyweight Title HIAC Match:  Undertaker defeats CM Punk

WWE Title HIAC Match:  John Cena defeats Randy Orton


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