Hey everybody!  It’s nice to see you again.  The NCAA tournament has been captivating my attention the last couple of weeks, so here are some quick results for you to munch on.

CM Punk beat JTG in about 4 minutes

Punk pretty much squashed JTG here.  The question I have is why did they use JTG and not some other enhancement talent that only has a job for being an enhancement talent, like…..Chavo Guerrero.  It was a supershow, so he was definitely available.

Rey Mysterio defeated Tyson Kidd in a much longer and much more entertaining match.

This was a very nice back and forth match.  Kidd showed off what he can do, and hopefully we get more of these matches down the line.  I like seeing the “cruiserweights” go at it from time to time.

Remember everybody, Wrestle Mania 26 is this Sunday.

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