Hey everybody…let’s get this thing started.

Match 1:  Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo…Its your boys, Cryme Time accompanied by Eve Torres against the Hart Dynasty

Shad and David Hart Smith start the match off.  DH is huge, but Shad is gigantic!  The Hart Dynasty works on Shad’s knee after a chop block by Tyson Kidd.  Once Shad gets the tag, JTG gets the pin on Tyson Kidd after a chaotic sequence that ended in a modified back breaker.

Rey Rey is out to address the Intercontinental title situation.  Obviously Dolph Ziggler is going to be his opponent at Night of Champions.  Ziggler comes out to remind people what his name is.  Challenge made for NoC…challenge accepted for NoC.  Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title at Night of Champions.  A fight ensues and Dolph Ziggler runs away from Rey Mysterio.  What???  I forgot that Rey Rey is that scary.

Match 2:  Diva match between Katie Lea and Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

Diva wrestling = Crap…Anyway, the twins confuse the referee and one of them gets the rollup win on Katie Lea

Main Event:  United States Champ Kofi Kingston against the Big Show

Big Show dominates early on.  Shouldn’t Show be in the World Title hunt?  Big Show dominates the middle of the match.  Shouldn’t Show be in the World Title hunt?  Kofi tries to fight back, but Big Show shuts him back down.  After a miss in the corner, Kofi tries to come back again, but Show shuts him down again.  The quickness of Kofi takes Show down.  Trouble in Paradise is blocked and Show Chokeslams the US Champ.  Big Show gets the win.

Why is Big Show taking out Kofi on every televised show, only to lose to him at NoC?  Shouldn’t he be in the World Title picture?  Why isn’t Ted DiBiase taking on Kofi right now?  Otherwise, the show saw random rivalries resume for no real reason.  Bella Twins vs Katie Lea = random diva rivalry.  Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Time = random tag team rivalry unless it leads to a number one contenders match. 

Alrighty then folks…join me again for next week’s random mess otherwise known as WWE Superstars.

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