The main event for WWE Superstars is John Morrison vs Kane.  Let the randomness begin.

Match 1:  Christian (the next ECW champ) vs the man who despises foreigners William Regal

Continuous lockup to start the match, into a reversal of headlocks.  This match has shown alot of flexibilitly and technical skill.  William Regal pushes Christian off the top rope and to the outside, in a dangerous bump.  You Suck chants aimed towards Regal start in the crowd.  Back in the ring after the commercial break, Regal controls Christian’s head and neck in a series of blows and torque moves.  After being sent back outside the ring, Christian re-enters and connects on two missile dropkicks from the top rope, but misses on the flying headbutt.  Regal gets a near fall after a reverse t-bone suplex.  Christian gets thrown into the corner and hits the springboard sunset flip on Regal for the win.

Match 2: Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble has gotten slow.  This match was a pretty good back and forth contest.  Evan Bourne is amazing in the air.  At one point, he came off the ropes and connected on a head scissors take down from a standing position.  Bourne gets the win after the prettiest move in professional wrestling.  His Shooting Star Press is what makes him a superstar.

Main Event:  Kane vs The Friday Night Delight, The Shaman of Sexy, The Guru of Greatness John Morrison

Morrison is a future World Champion.  Hopefully sooner rather than later too.  This match was really good.  Any time you have the best athlete in the company going up against one of the greatest big men to ever step foot in the ring, you have a great mix.  John Morrison gets the win after Kane threw a chair in his face.  As Kane looks to do more damage, Khali comes out and Morrison hits Kane in the back with a chair.  Kane then runs off as Khali enters the ring. 

Night of Champions predictions

Dolph Ziggler (challenger) vs Rey Mysterio (Intercontinental Champion)

Winner- Rey Mysterio

Christian (challenger) vs Tommy Dreamer (ECW Champion)

Winner- Christian

6-pack Challenge:  Kofi Kingston (US Champion) vs The Miz vs The Big Show vs Carlito vs MVP vs Jack Swagger

Winner- Jack Swagger

Maryse (Diva Champion) vs Mickie James

Winner- Maryse

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes (challengers) vs Chris Jericho and mystery partner (Tag Champs)

Mystery Partner- Brett DiBiase (why not right)

Winners- Jericho and DiBiase

Jeff Hardy (challenger) vs CM Punk (World Heavyweight champ)

Winner-  CM Punk

HHH vs John Cena vs Randy Orton (WWE Champ)

Winner- John Cena

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