Let’s get crazy and see what happens.

Match 1:  John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd

I’m looking forward to seeing Morrison/Hardy for the World Heavyweight title on Smackdown!  The craftiness of Kidd and Morrison make for a great match.  These two guys are prime examples for why Smackdown is so much better than Raw right now.  Kidd hit a sick neckbreaker at the edge of the apron on Morrison during the middle of the match.  Morrison exhibited his usual greatness.  David Hart Smith and Natalya were ejected from ringside, which ulitimately spelled doom for Tyson Kidd in this match.  John Morrison is one of my favorite superstars and his explosiveness is second to none.  The Shaman of Sexy hit Starship Pain for the win. 

Match 2:  William Regal vs the Japanese Sensation Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu gets some of the biggest pops when he comes out to the ring.  The fans love this guy.  He kicks and karate chops guys to death.  However, William Regal gets the win with a running knee.  Regal gets his win back with that one.

Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton in the locker room.  He asks Orton’s impressions on John Cena winning the beat the clock challenge.  He said Cena has won pain and agony with his beat the clock victory.

Main Event:  WWE Champion Randy Orton vs the cartwheeling Primo Colon

Here is the random match of the night…but I like it.  Primo is exciting and its always nice to see the CHAMPION get a chance at a real victory.  Primo starts like an A.D.D. kid without his meds.  He bounces all over the place and gets his offense in until the commercial break.  During the break, Orton regains control and starts his methodical beatdown of Primo.  Primo hits the ropes and nails a flying elbow and then his cartwheel.  Missile dropkick hits but the springboard splash misses and Orton hits the RKO for the win.  Refreshing match for the both of them. 

This was a good, entertaining show.  I like how they mixed good matches with the randomness this week.  I guess thats what Superstars is for.  Anywho…come back and check me out next week.

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  1. If Primo would have cartwheeled instead of the missed springboard splash me would have won!

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