Ok.  Let’s get wet and wild…

Match 1:  Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix

I hate Diva wrestling.  Beth Phoenix wins.  This match got way too much time. 

Match 2:  Shelton Benjamin vs Tyler Reks

Is Shelton a babyface or heel right now?  They need to make up their mind with that.  Tyler Reks blows choad.  He walks like he just took it up the butt right before coming to the ring.  Shelton hits Paydirt for the win.

Match 3:  Charlie Haas vs R-Truth

Holy Crap!  There’s been an R-Truth sighting!!!  Where has this guy been?  He must have been skippin’ and jumpin’ to the wrong cities and arenas.  I think Haas will be future endeavored soon.  Truth wins with the Lie Detector.

Main Event:  Mizzark Henry vs The Masterpiece Chris Masters

Masters seems to have used his hiatus from WWE to get back on the roids to beef up a little more.  I like the Masterpiece.  He’s a guy that could be the next Batista ( in terms of popularity) if they use him right.  Big Mark looks like Koolaid in that red.  Mark Henry gets the win via countout, as Masters walks away from the ring. 

Ok.  It looks like Superstars has finally become what it was intended to be, as all the time went to the midcarders.  Check me out again next week, as more midcarders get TV exposure without getting crapped on by HHH or John Cena…maybe.

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