What’s up, my Peeps?!  Hope all is well in your world.  I’m back following an absence last week…sorry.  While I may be a tad tardy to the party this week, this review is getting done.  And here…we…go!

Match 1:  Kelly Kelly vs Gail Kim

I think everybody knows how I feel about diva wrestling by now.  Thus, you just get the results here.  Kelly Kelly defeats Gail Kim.  I think Gail turns on Sunday.  Raw needs another heel diva.

Match 2:  Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov vs Tommy Dreamer and Golddust

I like Big Zeke and Golddust, but could care less about the other two.  The finish sees Dreamer hit Kozlov from behind and Golddust hits the Flatline for the win.  After the match, Jackson and Kozlov attack Tommy and the Bizzarre One.  Zeke is a future World Champ IMO!

Main Event:  Matt Hardy and R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre and Eric Escobar

Matt looks really fat in those tights that he insists on wearing to the ring every week.  R-Truth should be an IC title contender.  Drew McIntyre is pure gold.  Eric Escobar IS fat.  McIntyre hits Hardy with his DDT for the win.  They are intent on pushing their young talent on Smackdown…catch a hint RAW!

That’s it for this week everybody.  Peace!!!

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