Hey people!  Let’s get this review of WWE Superstars going.

First Match is a Diva’s Tag Match pairing Gail Kim and the very delicious Maria against Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool

The match starts off with Gail Kim against Alicia Fox.  Kim starts on the offense then tags Maria in, who continues the attack.  Alicia Fox throws Maria into the ropes and McCool kicks her in the back o’ the head.  A couple of quick tags in the Fox/McCool corner take place and Michelle McCool starts to wear Maria down.  Gail Kim distracts McCool and Maria kicks her in the head and makes her way over to Kim for the tag.  Kim hits a neckbreaker off the top rope.  Kim goes up for another top rope manuever, but McCool executes a kick to Kim and makes the cover for the 3-count.  Winner : Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox.  I give this match a 4 out of 10.  I’m not the biggest fan of Diva wrestling, and this was a very average match.

Next up is Pirate Paul….oh wait its just Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea now against Evan Bourne

Paul Burchill starts off with the offense, but Bourne turns the tables with his quickness.  Burchill’s strength puts him back in control for a bit.  The quickness of Air Bourne gives him some offense, but he seemingly hurts his knee.  Burchill focuses in on that knee with the help of his sister Katie Lea at ringside.  Bourne battles back and takes Burchill down with a series of kicks.  Bourne goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Burchill climbs the ropes to prevent it.  Bourne then punches him of the ropes and Burchill lands on his back, and Shooting Star Press for Bourne for the win.  I love that move.  It is the prettiest move I have ever seen.  I give this match a 7.5 out of 10.  I wish Bourne had gotten more high flying spots, but both men worked well.

Backstage interview with Cody Whodth and Ted DiBiase.  Does anybody else like Legacy as much as me? 

Oh yeah…Christian is the new ECW champion!  There it is….my Cheap Christian plug of the week.  I hope the PEEPulation is growing!

Anywho…the main event of the evening is Ted Dibiase 2.0 against one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Carlito

The lock up has TD2 sending Carlito into the corner and beating him down.  Carlito then switches it and beats on Dibiase.  Good back and forth matchup to start the match.  Pretty cool spot with both men going over the top to the outside happens, as Superstars goes to break.  Back from break, DiBiase is on the attack and stomps Carlito into the mat.  TD2 is very Randy Ortonesque in the ring.  Dibiase hits his Million Dollar Dream Slam when Carlito tries a springboard elbow.  Winner of the match is Ted Dibiase.  I give this match a 8.5 out of 10.  Both men are legit in the ring, and it blows my mind how Carlito has never gotten a main event shot.

The show was pretty good, with the exception of the Diva Tag match.  I like them giving airtime to Ted Dibiase on here.  He is definitely a future main eventer and needs the exposure.  I guess its time to leave you with a fact of life as I know it.  Most Diva wrestling sucks!!!  Peace out peoples.

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