Being the last WWE Superstars before “Extreme Rules,” this review also comes with predictions for the ppv.  Let’s do it!

Match 1: The Bizzare One and the Midget (Goldust and the Midget) teaming up against THE Brian Kendrick and  Jaime Noble

Believe it or not, even Hornswoggle doesn’t make Kendrick and Noble look big.  Noble has to have bad memories of the little troll beating him for the Cruiserweight title.  Anyways…Hornswoggle hits the tadpole splash on Spanky for the win. 

Extreme Rules Prediction:             

CM Punk over Umaga in the Samoan Strap Match.  Punk hits the GTS and drags the Samoan Bulldozer around the ring.         

Santina over Vickie Guerrero in the Hog Pen match.  Mickie James and Kelly Kelly help Santino’s “twin sister” get the win. 

Match 2:  David Hart Smith vs. Tommy Dreamer.  Christian doing commentary.

I hate the Hart Dynasty music.  They need to just use the old music.  As the referee was distracted by Christian grabbing a chair out of Natalya’s hands, Tyson Kidd kicked Dreamer in the head and David Hart Smith picks up the cheap win.

Extreme Rules Prediction:

ECW Championship Triple-Threat Match:  Tommy Dreamer gets the win and becomes the new ECW Champion by pinning Jack Swagger. 

Big Show over John Cena in a Submission Match.  This match is the payback match for Show and builds on the fact that he is too big for Cena to submit. 

Match 3:  Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler tagging against R-Truth and Jeff Hardy

At the beginning, Jericho claims that from now on, Superstars will be his show because he is the ultimate superstar.  Jeff Hardy gets the win with a Swanton Bomb on Dolph Ziggler.  R-Truth should be IC champ very soon!  That dude can work. 

Extreme Rules Prediction: 

Intercontinental Championship Match:  Chris Jericho gets the win in the No Holds Barred match.  As he attempts to rip off Rey’s mask, R-Truth makes the save and starts a program with Jericho.

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match:  Edge gets the win.  No reason for him not to.

US title Fatal Four-Way Match:  Kofi retains the title.  Again…no reason for him not to.

WWE Championship Cage Match:  Randy Orton defeats Batista, as HHH finds a way to interfere.  This sets up the Summerslam triple-threat main event. 

That does it for this week.  Thanks for reading and see you next week for another WWE Superstars Review.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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