Hey everybody!  Tharvey1 here with the WWE Superstars Review for the Thursday April 16, 2009.  Since this is the debut of the new Superstars, lets get this thing started off right. 

Match number 1 of the night was Matt Hardy vs. The Undertaker. 

The match started off with Taker dominating inside and outside the ring.  As soon as the action got back into the ring, Taker went “Old School,” then sent Matt back outside the ring with a clothesline over the ropes.  After the commercial break, Matt reversed a chokeslam into a neckbreaker, and then got his offense in.  Taker then hit a bigboot as Matt tried to jump off the top rope, thus putting Taker back in control.  The end of the match saw Matt scramble out of the ring and walk back up the ramp for an intentional count-out.  Jeff Hardy does a run out and forces Matt back into the ring and into a chokeslam.

This was a pretty good match.  Not too many spots to screw up, although I’m sure Shelton Benjamin could have found a way to if he were involved.  I give this match a 7 out 10.

Match number 2 of the night was Christian vs. Finlay in the Finals of the Elimination Chase for the ECW Championship

I was in attendance for this match and the main event.  During the ECW taping, Tiffany made this match for Superstars.  The start of the match was slow and saw a lot of restholds.  This is understandable, as both men had participated in the triple threat match with Tommy Dreamer not 45 minutes before hand during ECW. 

The middle of the match saw a descent mix of power and tope rope spots.  The finale of the match had Christian hitting the Unprettier (yes I will still call it that, even though WWE wants to call it the Killswitch).  This was a good, short match, especially for both men’s second match of the evening.  Christian is one of the best talents in the WWE, and hopefully he gets his shot eventually.  There’s my cheap plug of the evening for Captain Charisma.

I give this match a 6.5 out of 10

Match number 3 and “Main Event” of the evening was Shane McMahon vs Cody Rhodes

Before the match, Shane cut a promo with Eve backstage about Randy Orton.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Whatever…who cares?…time to wrap that angle up soon.

The beginning of the match had Shan’O Mac taking control, and treating Cody like the girl he has been made to be over the last few months.   Cody got a little offense during the middle of the match.  He got outside the ring and went for a chair, reentered the ring, and had the chair confiscated by the referee.  Shane got tossed outside the ring by Cody, grabbed the chair, and promptly struck Cody with the chair.  Cody wins by DQ. 

After the match, Shane hits Cody a few times with the chair and sets him up for the Coast to Coast with a trash can from under the ring.  Terrible effort with the Coast to Coast.  Shane’s getting to old for that spot.

I give this match a 5 out 10.

Pretty good debut for the show.  I can only hope this doesn’t turn into another Velocity or Heat.  I will leave you with a random fact of life as I know it:  RDLee loves Bacon!  Had to give him a return shoutout from his realtime review.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week for another review of WWE Superstars.


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