Alright my peeps.  I’m here.  I’m not dead.  I finally have a chance to watch the show from Thursday night.  Lets go.

Match 1:  Its-a-he Santino vs the Masterpiece Chris Masters

Santino’s face when Masters came out was priceless!  Santino tried to go Karate Kid on Masters, then did an acrabatic roll to the other side of the ring.  Once Masters got ahold of Santino, it was downhill from there for him.  For a little bit of humor (what else is Santino good for) he tried to apply the Masterlock on Chris Masters, only to get dominated again.  Masters wins with the Masterlock after Santino attempted to “Hulk-up.”

Match 2:  William Regal and Paul Burchill vs Tyler Reks and Yoshi Tatsu

My fiance totally marked out for Yoshi when he came out.  Match started out with Yoshi and Burchill.  Wouldn’t Burchill have fit better in ECW 3 years ago when he was Pirate Paul and when ECW was mainly a gimmick show?  Regal flips over an attempted springboard splash pin for the win over Tyler Reks.  Tyler Reks is awkward.  He looks like he has something stuck in his butt when he walks.

Video package with John Cena throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game. 

Main Event :  Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs Mike Knox

Mike Knox is severely under-utilized!  Dude is massive and burly.  Special guest commentator is Dolph Ziggler.  This is the typical Rey Mysterio match. He gets dominated the whole match by the much bigger opponent and then gets the win.  Rey hits the 619 and goes for the splash, only to have Dolph Ziggler pull him off the mat.  Rey gets the win via disqualification.

Santino was the only reason to watch this show, much like Raw.  There is a reason this show is on WGN…nobody wants to watch it.  Sometimes its good, sometimes its terrible, most of the time its random.  See ya next week.

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