Ok, ok, ok.  I’m 2 days late here.  But, better late than never right?  Here are some quick results from this weeks Superstars.

Match 1:  Shelton Benjamin vs Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes


Rosa gets a call at ringside and throws the phone to Zack.  She gets into the ring to tell him he has a phone call.  As Ryder is looking at her, Shelton comes at him and Ryder ducks him to get the quick pin.  Very strange sequence.

Ask the Divas segment….zzzzzz….zzzzzz…zzz..zzzzzzzzzz….zzz…..zzzzzz

Match 2:  Eric Escobar w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Vickie distracts JWY and Escobar hits a running jump kick for the win.

Main Event:  Cody Rhodes vs Mark Henry

Why didn’t Legacy make an appearance on RAW this past Monday?  Mark Henry wins this one with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Survivor Series is tonight.  So, here are some quick projections.

Team Kofi vs Team RKO

Winner:  Team Kofi.  Kofi gets the final elimination pin over Randy Orton

Team Miz vs Team Morrison

Winner:  Team Morrison.  Morrison pins Miz after an already eliminated Jack Swagger distracts Miz.

Team Mickie vs Team McCool

Winner:  Team Mickie.  Mickie eliminates Layla and McCool to finish the match.

Rey Mysterio vs Batista

Winner:  Rey gets the win here.  They have to continue this feud somehow.  How’s that going to happen if Batista destroys Mysterio here?

HHH/HBK/John Cena Triple Threat WWE Title Match

Winner:  HBK wins the title.  There’s not many more directions they can go with HHH and John Cena any more, so HBK gets the fresh win here.

Jericho/Big Show/Undertaker

Winner:  Undertaker wins when Jericho and Show can’t work together.

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