Alrighty then…let’s get retarded!

Match 1:  Kane vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Holy Crap!  We have a Jimmy Wang Yang sighting.  Kane totally destroys him, but he got tv time.

Match 2:  Yoshi Tatsu vs Shaemus

Shaemus is becoming one of my favorites!  This guy is huge and good, which usually doesn’t happen.  Sheamus gets the win.

Match 3:  Katie Lea vs Nikki Bella…or is it Bre?

The Bella’s use the ole switcharoo and Bre ends up pinning Katie Lea.

Match 4:  Dolph Ziggler vs Slam Master J

Dolph gets the win here.  Slam Master J would have been great in 2 Cool, but now his gimmick is terrible.  He needs to restart the Freebirds.  Why did the IC Title match get scrapped for Breaking Point?

Main Event:  The Miz and Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston and Primo

The Miz gets the pin in this one.  The Miz and Swagger should be main eventing PPVs by now.

Breaking Point Predictions:

US Title:  The Miz defeats Kofi Kingston

Tag Titles:  JeriShow defeats MVP and Mark Henry

Singapore Cane Match:  Kane defeats Khali

Submissions count anywhere Match:  Legacy defeats DX

WWE Title I Quit Match:  John Cena defeats Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Title:  Undertaker defeats CM Punk via DQ

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