Sorry this post is extremely late today guys, I actually had most of it written last night and was expecting to have it up pretty early today, but then some douchebag didn’t show up for work, so I ended up stuck there for another two hours.  In any event, last night’s show was pretty decent, compared to other post-draft episodes of ECW on Sci-Fi, but if you missed it, unless you’re really bored you can probably skip the X-stream on

Show results and analysis, after the jump!

Todd Grisham is announced as Mike Adamle’s replacement.  Ugh.  They couldn’t give us Joey Styles back?  I know he’s doing well in his job, but come on!  What a f***ing disappointment.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring.  He says when he was drafted to ECW he was psyched!  He’s always been a fan, and considering that he’s been in some of the most extreme matches in the WWE, it’s a natural fit.  He’s got the biggest opportunity of his career at SummerSlam, challenging Mark Henry for the ECW Championship.  This brings out the World’s Strongest Champion.  Tony Atlas knows that Matt Hardy’s a bit intimidated by Henry, but Mark Henry was drafted to ECW just like Matt was.  Since he was drafted, he’s beaten Kane and The Big Show for the ECW Championship.  Since Matt’s been drafted?  Well, he’s lost his US Championship, but that’s alright.  Mark’s only here to give a little demonstration.  Mark Henry’s got an steel rod, which is a lot tougher than Matt Hardy.  Henry easily bends it in half, probably easier than the frying pan a few weeks back.  The only difference between the bar and Matt Hardy, is that the bar will bend, but Matt Hardy will break.  Henry hands the bar to Matt, who teases hitting the Champion with it.  Matt says there’s a difference to what Atlas said.  We’re not having a bar bending contest, we’re having a wrestling match.  Inanimate objects don’t fight back.  Matt Hardy fights back, and even though Henry can break every bone in Matt’s body, Mark will never break his spirit, and at SummerSlam, he’ll become the next ECW Champion.

Still to come – Miz and Morrison vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle, but up next, Ricky Ortiz tries to continue his “undefeated streak.”


Saturday Night’s Main Event is This Saturday at 9PM EST on NBC.

Ricky Ortiz def. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo makes his way to the ring with Bam Neely.  Ricky Ortiz and his generic theme music is out next.  He’s running around on the stage and showing off for the fans like he’s some big name superstar or something.  Grisham says that technically, Ortiz is undefeated, since he hasn’t lost yet.  They lock up to start the match, which results in a huge scoop slam by Ortiz.  Chavo stalls, talking to Bam for a moment before getting back into things.  Headlock by Chavo, reversed into an Irish whip.  Chavo goes for a high cross body, but is caught and military press slammed by Ortiz.  Chavo starts to get aggressive, taking Ortiz down for a one count before locking in a reverse chin lock.  Chavo stays on the offense with a couple more submission moves before Ortiz uses his power to drive Chavo into the turnbuckles.  Ortiz hits some right hands and a big dropkick.  He wants up getting hit with a drop toehold into the turnbuckle.  Chavo rolls up Ortiz and puts his foot on the rope, which is held there by Bam Neely, but before the referee can count three, he catches Bam’s interference and disqualifies Chavo.

Following the match, Bam beats down Ortiz and holds him down for a Chavito frog splash.  Bam goes to get a chair, or something like that, but Evan Bourne makes the save, and escapes before Chavo and Bam can retaliate.  Grisham makes an Adamle-style comment:  “Evan Bourne has been a thorn in the side of Chavo Guerrero.”

Colin Delaney asks Mark Henry and Tony Atlas why they bailed on him instead of helping him out against Dreamer last week.  Atlas says that Colin needs to do something impressive to roll with them, and he let them down by losing to Dreamer last week.  Colin wants a second chance.  Atlas tells him that he can soften up Matt Hardy in a match later on tonight, and this week, Atlas and Henry will be in Colin’s corner.

Up next, Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. The Miz and John Morrison.


Miz & Morrison def. Finlay & Hornswoggle

Miz is out first.  Grisham’s Adamleriffic comments continue, as he points out that the Miz’s shirt means he’s a chick magnet.  Ugh.  He mispronounces Shaman too.  Morrison has some slap bracelets.  He slaps one that says “LOSER” on a fan at ringside, and he himself is wearing two that say “WINNER.”  Finlay and Hornswoggle make their way out, and they toss some inflatable shillelaghs out to the fans.  Miz kicks things off with Finlay.  Finlay is in firm control for the early part of the match, but when Miz backs him into the corner and gets the tag to John Morrison, the tide turns.  Finlay shoves Miz off of the apron, and as the ref is distracted, Hornswoggle sneaks up behind Morrison, and Finlay pushes Morrison over him.  After a break, Finlay has Morrison in a headlock.  Finlay remains in control for a while, even utilizing a backslide for a two count at one point.  Meanwhile, Tazz and Todd discuss fingernail care.  I kid you not.  Miz pulls Finlay off of a cover, distracting Finlay long enough for Morrison to take advantage on the outside.  Finlay’s arm hit the ring post, and that becomes Miz and Morrison’s focal point.  The former Tag Champs cut Finlay off from his corner while they work over Finlay’s left arm, but as Morrison got the tag back in, he missed a legdrop, and Finlay turned the tide in his favor yet again.  He hits a Celtic Cross on Morrison for a two count.  Hornswoggle tagged himself in, and goes for a spinning headscizzors, but is instead planted face first into the canvas.  Morrison makes the cover and gets the three.

After the match, Mike Knox attacked Finlay.  He creeped towards Hornswoggle, but Finlay picked up his shillelagh.  Knox seen it coming though, and booted Finlay in the face.

Still to come tonight, Colin Delaney takes on Matt Hardy.


There’s an ad for the new Ric Flair DVD.  I’m going to meet Ric Flair in just two weeks!

Anyways, we get a replay of what happened before the break, what with the Finlay and Hornswoggle getting beaten up and whatnot.  Lena Yada asks Mike Knox to explain.  He says Finlay’s gone soft.  Being soft makes you a target, and Knox just took his opportunity.

A video package for Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue airs.

Braden Walker wishes Matt Hardy luck.  Matt says Delaney is a real “wild cat.”  Haha, TNA references on ECW.  Funny.


We get a recap from last week on ECW, when Colin was destroyed by Tommy Dreamer.  Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring.  Colin Delaney makes his way out along with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas, as Tazz ponders whether the ECW Championship weighs more than Colin.  Atlas and Henry stay on the ramp.

Matt Hardy def. Colin Delaney

Matt overpowers Colin to start the match.  Big surprise there, huh?  Mark Henry and Tony Atlas look on from the stage, as Delaney is literally whipped from pillar to post.  Delaney starts to make a comeback though, moving out of the way of a Matt Hardy elbow and booting Matt out of a charge.  He goes for a headlock, but Matt suplexes his way out of it.  Matt hits a side effect, and signals for the Twist of Fate, hits it, and picks up the win.

After the match, Henry and Atlas come to the ring.  Henry military press tosses Colin Delaney out of the ring.  Mark tells Matt that if he wants the title to come take it.  Matt stands up for himself, and Henry makes his leave, yelling “you’re gonna get yours” at Hardy as we fade to black.

My thoughts:

I’m severely disappointed that Todd Grisham is the new play by play guy on ECW.  Other than that though, this was a pretty good edition of ECW.  It’s still not up to pre-draft quality, but as long as they keep getting ratings, I guess they’ll keep giving us these kind of shows.  Todd Grisham said that Morrison gave him a list of nicknames, one of which he said was “the Salmon of Sexy.”  That just tells me that Grisham wasn’t watching this show before he wound up working there.  Hopefully Miz and Morrison aren’t stuck wrestling Finlay and Hornswoggle anymore after Mike Knox kicked Finlay’s leprechaun lovin’ ass halfway back to SmackDown.  Ricky Ortiz is still undefeated.  Hooray.  Is Colin Delaney a face or a heel?  Guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out.  Overall, it was an alright show.

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