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  1. WWE Superstars

    SUPERSTAR! It looks like we will get a look at what happened on NXT according to my DVR description. But first… Match 1:  Maryse and Jillian Hall vs The Bella Twins Meh…standard Diva’s match.  While the Bella’s and Maryse are hot, I HATE Diva wrestling.  Maryse hits the French Kiss for the win.  After the […]

  2. WWE Superstars

    Hey, everybody.  This week’s episode of Superstars was fairly entertaining.  It at least furthered some storylines. Match 1: Carlito vs Primo Throughout the match, Carlito looked really apprehensive about apply any offense to his brother.  The end of the match saw Carlito grab a mic and tell Primo to quit wasting his career and rejoin […]

  3. WWE Superstars

    Let’s just get into this shall we. Match 1:  Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall I think I have a great idea for Superstars.  The show should just feature diva’s and contenders for the US and IC titles.  At least then, the show would make some type of sense.  Instead, we are forced to see random […]

  4. WWE Superstars

    Hey, my peeps!  It’s time for another random Superstars review.  I’ve been lazy lately and haven’t posted, so let’s get started. Match 1:  Shad Gaspard vs Goldust Unfamiliar, generic music (kinda sounds like a hip-hop gospel music beat) hits and Stevie Ray…I mean Shad Gaspard comes out sporting some new Harlem Heat looking short trunks.  Shad […]

  5. WWE Superstars

    Hey, everybody! I hope you enjoyed Wrestlemania 26, but now its time for the WWE’s D show (maybe F show…I’m not sure if AM RAW beats Superstars in ratings or not.  I haven’t checked on that.) Match 1:  Kofi Kingston and MVP vs Zack Ryder and Carlito Kofi and MVP get the win after Kofi […]

  6. WWE Superstars Results

    Hey everybody!  It’s nice to see you again.  The NCAA tournament has been captivating my attention the last couple of weeks, so here are some quick results for you to munch on. CM Punk beat JTG in about 4 minutes Punk pretty much squashed JTG here.  The question I have is why did they use […]

  7. WWE Superstars

    Hey everybody.  I’m back with another invigorating review (and by review I mean my rants about how these guys should be used instead of how they are being used) of WWE Superstars.  Let’s get this thing started shall we?  Kofi Kingston def. Chavo Guerrero This match is for two guys who can’t get on TV […]

  8. WWE Superstars

    Welcome, my friends to the show that never ends.  I’m so glad you could attend.  Come inside, come inside.  The Circus that is WWE Superstars is here. Match 1:  Jack Swagger and William Regal vs Santino Marella and Chris Masters w/ Eve Santino is absolutely hilarious! He hit a cartwheel and the drop-down splits and then […]

  9. WWE Superstars

    Hey, everybody.  Sorry I’m late this week, but I’m here now and ready to kick off on Super Bowl weekend.  Match 1:  Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs Katie Lea Burchill and Alicia Fox Diva wrestling…BOOOOOOO!!!!  Alicia Fox rolls through a Kelly Kelly lateral press for the win.  Anybody care about Diva matches???  I don’t […]

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