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  1. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 09/10/12

    This is going to be brief. Aside from the Lawler incident (see below,) I’ve got family medical drama going on right now, so I hope you understand. MATCH RESULTS R-TRUTH/KOFI KINGSTON (WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS) DEF THE MIZ(INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION)/ANTONIO CESARO (U.S. CHAMPION) W/AKSANA EVE, LAYLA & KAITLIN DEF BETH PHEONIX, NATTIE NEIDHART, & ALICIA FOX […]

  2. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 09/03/12

    MATCH RESULTS DOLPH ZIGGLER DEF. RANDY ORTON – Match ends with Ziggler charging Orton in the corner, Orton swings up, Ziggler hits the post, Orton tries a school-boy roll-up, Ziggler reverses it for a three-count, holding the trunks. SIN CARA/MYSTERIO DEF. TENSAI/CODY RHODES – Rey h0its the 619 on Cody but is outside the ring […]

  3. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 08/27/2012

    MATCH RESULTS RYBACK DEF. JACK SWAGGER – Swagger looks strong for about 30 seconds, but winds up just more meat on the plate. The turning point is Swagger landing ugly, face first. LAYLA (DIVAS CHAMPION) DEF. NATTIE NIEDHART – Before the match gets going, Vicki comes out to demand this match wrap up quickly so […]

  4. RYTMAN’S RAW REVIEW 08/20/2012

    MATCH RESULTS KOFI INGSTON & R-TRUTH W/SIN CARA def. THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS W/CODY RHODES – Before the match, we get a recap of Truth celebrating his teams win at Summerslam by dumping Gatorade on little Jimmy, and a shot of the unflattering cartoon Cody Rhodes had made up of Sin Cara. Kofi and Truth […]

  5. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW – 08/13/2012

    Let’s do things a bit differently this week. MATCH RESULTS • CM PUNK VS BIG SHOW – NO CONTEST: It’s basically Big Show dominating, with Punk fighting back from behind until Daniel Bryan comes out in a full mad-on. Bryan slaps the “no” lock on Punk and Show joins in for a “little rough up […]

  6. RYTMAN RAW REVIEW 07/30/12

    We open with breaking news. Pyro set off during a rehearsal set the arena on fire, delaying the doors opening half an hour. No one hurt, thank God. We recap RAW 1000 for ten minutes. C.M. Punk is out first. Punk has taken acceptation to Jerry Lawler’s hyperbolic statement about “turning his back on the […]

  7. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 07/23/2012

    We open with a montage of RAW highlights and a sample of the new theme. Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself is out first thank us for getting them to 1000 shows and to welcome us to Monday Night Raw. His spot is short and to the point (as you’ll see, it’s the only one that was.) […]

  8. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 07/17/2012

    We open up with CM Punk opening the show as Cole/King recap his match w/Daniel Bryan @ MiTB. “This may sound a little strange coming from someone who’s straight edge, but… I LOVE LAS VEGAS!” – CM Punk Punk takes us back to the “pipe bomb” promo of last year and talks about how a […]

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