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  1. RYTMAN’S RECAP – RAW 04/22/2013

    Let’s start with… MATCH RESULTS 1.) R-TRUTH DEF. ANTONIO CESARO – This was kind of a weird match.  Cesaro dominates using his strength and wear-down holds on Truth, until Cesaro misses a clothesline.  Truth takes over with fast-strikes, (mostly kicks,) and gets the win with the face-drop. Rytman Remark: What is with the R-Truth winning […]

  2. RYTMAN’S RECAP: RAW 04/16/2013

    So just a basic recap today, rough morning. Let’s start with… MATCH RESULTS ORTON/SHEAMUS DEF. BIG SHOW (HANDICAP MATCH) – A pointless rematch from Friday.  Brogue Kick + RKO = Three count. Rytman Remark: You know, neither Orton or Sheamus are THAT much smaller than the big show.  The two of them beating him, is […]


    Tonight!  I will once again attempt to cover tonight’s WWE RAW broadcast in real time for you, the BWF faithful. This is the last RAW before Wrestle-Mania this weekend, and WWE’s last chance to sell us on the Big Show. (Not the one in the six-man, although technically…) No, I mean the ENTIRE EVENT!  Will they convince […]

  4. RYTMAN’S RAW RECAP 03/25/2013

    Okay, again this week, just a general run down of the show with some of my humble opinions. First up, match results CHRIS JERICHO DEF. DOLPH ZIGGLER W/AJ LEE & BIG E. – This match-up was booked as a card-change, as Fandango made his way to the ring for what was supposed to be his fifth […]

  5. RYTMANS RECAP – RAW 03/18/2013

    Just a basic recap this week peep-holes; as the week’s off to a rough start, (family stuff.) Let’s start with Match results; JOHN CENA DEF DARRIEN YOUNG (w/”Pancake” Patterson.  I will get to that in a minute.) RYBACK DEF DAVID OTUNGA (Like any other outcome was possible.) FANDANGO vs GREAT KHALI: NO CONTEST (Not that […]

  6. RYTMANS RAW RECAP (RAW 03/04/2013)

    Tonight is a special “OLD SCHOOL” edition of RAW, opening with the classic “The recognized symbol of excellence in sports entertainment,” graphic. We are in Buffalo, NY at the first Niagara Center on a cold windy night, and the first thing we see is THE UNDERTAKER making an entrance. He stands on stage, raises his […]

  7. RYTMAN’S RAW RECAP 02/25/2013

    Previously on RAW… Lesnar attacked Vince. Vince challenged Heyman to a fight. Cena agreed to face Punk for his Wrestlemania spot… LIVE – American Airlines Arena, Dallas Texas We open with Vince McMahon hobbling to the ring on his crutches, for his fight with Paul Heyman, twenty-one days after hip surgery.  Once in the ring, […]

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