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  1. WWE RAW 11/18/13: RAW Country.

    If WWE doesn’t trot out Brian James in his old “New Double J” character to perform “With My Baby Tonight,” that defeats the purpose of this show.  Of course, they stole the idea from us, since Andrew J Reimers was supposed to perform the song on our show yesterday.  He’s re-scheduled for this coming Sunday.  Anyways, let’s […]

  2. WWE RAW 10/14/13

    I heard from Diamond Dallas Page last night.  He apologizes for missing the show, apparently his assistant didn’t remind him he was booked.  I’m working directly with him on rescheduling his interview, looks like it should be sometime next week.  Anyways, I digress.  I thought last week’s RAW was a pretty solid show (though Jorge […]

  3. WWE RAW 9/30/13

    I try my best not to get too caught up in anything while I’m getting set up for the RAW review, but occasionally, there are exceptions.  This evening, for example, I’m having to tear myself away from the rough draft of an excellent book a friend of mine is working on.  But I tear myself […]

  4. WWE RAW 9/23/13

    Alright.  I feel like shit.  My back hurts, my wrist hurts, and I’m not even going to be around for BWF Radio this Sunday to read this review.  Quite simply, this review is going to suck.  Deal with it. I watch 30 minutes of this show, then go to work, watch the rest at work, […]

  5. WWE RAW 9/16/13: YES! YES! YES!

    Daniel Bryan is WWE Champion.  I had to check again this morning to make sure that actually happened.  It wasn’t a figment of my imagination – for once, a WWE PPV ending didn’t piss off me or my houseguests.  All is right with the world… or is it? I watch RAW very late at […]

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