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  1. WWE RAW 9/9/13: Rated RAW

    The Rated R Superstar, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, returns home to Toronto for Monday Night RAW!  What will his role be?  Find out with me as I journey through another wonderful episode of “Randy Orton stands over a fallen Daniel Bryan to end the show.”  I mean, RAW! I phone these reviews in, just […]

  2. WWE RAW 8/12/13

    Once again, getting a copy of RAW proved sort of difficult this week.  Luckily, I knew the alternate place to look this week, but it was still a process.  So now it’s 1AM and I’m reviewing RAW.  So, let’s go. I watch 30 minutes of RAW, which is equivalent of how much of SmackDown ISN’T […]

  3. WWE RAW 7/22/13

    Hopefully we can finally get RAW to keep the momentum going.  Last week’s show was called by some people I know the best one of the year.  I don’t know necessarily that I agree with that, but the crowd was hot and it definitely helped ease the anger of a lackluster Pay Per View the […]

  4. WWE RAW 7/15/13 – The Maddox Era begins

    Fuck.  FUCK.  FUCK.  I have to watch RAW after that PPV last night?  I regretted not ordering Payback last month, and now I really regret it, because it was a far superior show to last night’s Money In The Bank event.  I’m happy with the World Championship MITB match.  I’m happy with the Divas title […]

  5. RAW 7/8/13 – The Wyatt Family arrive!

    Unlike most Mondays, I wasn’t home for the first 30 minutes of RAW.  The only thing I know about tonight’s episode is that The Wyatt Family were trending on Twitter before the show even started.  That said, I feel like crap, haven’t been home in over 24 hours, and I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep […]

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