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  1. WWE RAW 6/2/14: Payback for Payback?

    Twenty-five years I’ve been watching WWE television, week in, week out, without question.  I never miss RAW, which since 1993 has been the only television show I watch on Monday nights.  Well, aside from watching Nitro on picture-in-picture of course.  But something happened last night that made me question why I’m such a loyal viewer of […]

  2. WWE RAW 5/26/14 – RAW is Memorial Day

    First things first.  Happy Memorial Day, and a thank you to those who have made that ultimate sacrifice to allow guys like me to sit here and talk about whatever the hell they want to on the internet.  Second, happy 3rd Anniversary to my beautiful wife, Mrs. ThinkSoJoE.  Third, happy birthday to my friend and BWF […]

  3. WWE RAW 5/5/14

    You know, I think my couch might be a little too comfortable.  Last night I fell asleep watching Extreme Rules, which was a solid event top to bottom, and tonight I fell asleep watching RAW.  Maybe it’s just me recovering from the illness that kept me from doing this RAW review last week.  Who knows. […]

  4. WWE RAW 4/21/14 – Clever title here.

    Alright.  In the interest of full disclosure, I really don’t feel like doing this right now.  I really don’t care what’s going on tonight on Monday Night RAW, and to be fully honest, I’m much more interested in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, despite the fact that the Blues lost and as I’m typing this, […]

  5. WWE RAW 4/14/14 – RAW is WAR(RIOR)

    No wisecracks or jokes to start this week’s RAW review.  WWE has dedicated tonight to honoring the memory of Warrior, and out of respect for Warrior, I will save such nonsense for the performers on the show.  For what it’s worth, the autopsy results are in, Warrior died of heart disease.  While the investigation is […]

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