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    MATCH RESULTS RYBACK DEF. TITUS O’NEIL – Total domination by Ryback, until Darien Young interfered by grabbing Ryback’s ankle.  O’Neil hit one inverted Power Bomb for a brief one-count. Still, the match ended the same way all Ryback matches end; power-bomb, shell-shock, three-count. After the match, Ryback refused to leave the ring until he got […]

  2. RYTMAN’S REVIEW: RAW 11/19/2012

    Last night’s RAW was for me, a mixed bag.  There were low-points, painful ones at that, but there were one or two points where I could see a glimmer of hope. MATCH RESULTS RYBACK DEF TENSAI – Ryback in the ring, cuts a decent promo demanding WWE champ C.M. Punk and the three NXT talents […]

  3. RYTMAN’S REVIEW: RAW 11/12/2012

    Question; WHEN DID TNA IMPACT START BOOKING WWE SHOWS? Let’s break it down, angles we don’t care about getting stretched WAY past the point we care, angles we might care about getting cut short, face/heel turns out of nowhere, any of this sounding familiar? We’re gonna look at last night’s RAW to find out. The […]

  4. RYTMANS REVIEW: RAW 11/05/2012

    This will be brief. We open with a recap of WWE champion C.M. Punk running away from Ryback on last weeks’ show, leaving his team to be decimated by Team Foley.  Backstage, Miz tells Heyman he quits. We go to the ring for a six-man tag with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth against U.S. […]

  5. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 10/29/12

    MATCH RESULTS RYBACK DEF JTG – Total Squash; JTG is for all intents and purposes a jobber.  Ryback hits the shell shock for the three-count. ORTON DEF BARRETT – We get a re-cap of Barrett’s win on the last Smackdown.  Hard-hitting match; ending with an RKO out of nowhere.  Orton gets the win. WWE TAG […]

  6. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 10/22/12

    SIN CARA/REY MYSTERIO VS RHODES SCHOLARS – Right off the bat, we get into the action. As Rey makes his way out, we’re told by Michael Cole that RAW GM AJ Lee has been called to an emergency meeting at WWE HQ. Sandow and Rhodes win when Sandow blocks the ref from a three count. […]

  7. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 10/15/2012

    We open with a recap of last week’s main event, Punk vs. Vince. The match ends with Punk running into the stands and Vince demanding that Punk choose either Cena or Ryback to face at Hell in the Cell, or Vince will choose for him. The show begins with the Show – Big Show to […]

  8. RYTMANS RAW REVIEW 10/08/12

    John Cena opens the show with a weird promo about Kane/Bryan’s anger management issues, U.S. Champion Cesar Antonio having huge nipples, and wanting to take AJ out on a date to “In & Out” burger. He comments on how loud the crowd is, but they have no voice; because the voice of the voiceless has […]

  9. RYTMANS RAW RECAP 10/01/2012

    We open w/a replay of Foley facing off w/CM Punk, followed by Punk taking a lead pipe to the gut by Cena, the attack on Foley, and the stare down w/Ryback. Out first is WWE Champion C.M. Punk w/Paul Heyman. Heyman carries the WWE title. Punk calls Cena a coward and accuses Mick Foley of […]


    MATCH RESULTS   DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/VICKI) DEF KOFI KINGSTON (w/R-TRUTH and LITTLE JIMMY) – Before the match begins; R-Truth and “little jimmy” get into an argument with Vicki at ringside. Vicki takes a drink in the face and the referee sends her, Truth and “Jimmy” to the back. The match is a high-flying spot-fest with […]

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