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  1. Raw Is Three Hours 4-23-12

    We begin with the contract signing being set up. John Cena comes out talking to his favorite cameraman, and then Johnny Ace breaks up Brock’s music to tell Teddy Long that Brock isn’t in the building yet. Then Edge comes to the ring much to the enjoyment of the fans. Then Edge cuts the promo […]

  2. Raw Is British 4-16-2012

    I know. Raw is taped tonight. So is Mad Men. It’s still good. Here’s to hoping that we continue the hot streak. We start off the night with CM Punk and Mark Henry (who is already in the ring?). The crowd was hot and engaged already. This was a good big man-little man match. Both […]

  3. Raw is Coming Pain 4-9-2012

    Last week was perhaps one of the greatest Raws in history. How do you follow it up? I’m very concerned because I believe that the WWE is really good at having a good episode. But a streak of good episodes is something all together different. We begin with a promo about the Three Stooges. Johnny […]

  4. Raw is Post-Wrestlemania 4-2-2012

    The night after Wrestlemania. The debut of Mankind, Brock Lesnar. The season premiere that will begin the story that will climax at Wrestlemania 29. It begins tonight. Johnny Ace begins begins with a new era. He sets up a match for Santino vs. Ziggler vs. Swagger. Punk smarts off to him and heckles Ace. Ace […]

  5. Raw is Pre Wrestlemania-3-26-12

    There are fewer bigger nights than this. Wrestlemania is the event that all events are measured by. This is the WWE’s second-to-last chance to get us to want to buy Wrestlemania. We begin with a tag match, Orton/Sheamus vs. Bryan/Kane. This match (shoot, this whole Raw) had one purpose-to get us to buy Wrestlemania. I […]

  6. Raw is Personal 3-19-12

    Well, I’d like to write some introduction but for some reason I got home late and it just didn’t quite happen. So I will get right in to Raw. CM Punk opened it up talking about his dad being an alcoholic and how his dad had worked really hard to overcome and recover. Chris Jericho […]

  7. Raw is Tired and Cranky 3-12-12

    Raw may not be tired and cranky, but I sure am. Time changes, days at work and being accused (wrongly) of stealing by one of my heroes. A lot of the AIW people I follow on Twitter are saying that Cleveland is a packed house. John Cena opens up in a Mark Price jersey channeling old John […]

  8. Raw is HD 3-5-12

    Yes, we have finally made it to the 21st century with an HD DirecTV receiver. I have no doubt my world will be forever changed, at least wrestling wise. We open up the night with Shawn Michaels. I’m torn on this one. I don’t mind Shawn on my tv, but on the other hand, can […]

  9. RAW is Rock

    Tonight marks the return of one of the greatest things to ever happen to RAW.  That’s right, ThinkSoJoE is here with a RAW review!  Oh, and that dude that makes those movies is on the actual show.  You know the guy.  He does that eyebrow thing.  Anyways, Justin Ruff was having issues with his satellite […]

  10. Raw is Back 2-20-12

    There are so many things I can talk about. I just wanted to take a few moments to discuss a few things. First of all, one of Texas’ finest indy talents was in a horrible wreck and is now going through some major surgeries. Please take a moment to wish him well as he goes […]

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