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  1. WrestleMania V: The Mega Powers Explode

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    This is it!  BoredWrestlingFan’s WrestleMania week is in full swing, which kicked off with the WrestleMania 29 prediction podcast.  My contribution to WrestleMania week this year will be reviews of the first six WrestleMania events, which started Monday with 1985′s WrestleMania, and will finish up Saturday with a review of WrestleMania VI.  And don’t forget to tune in to BoredWrestlingFan Radio this Sunday at 2PM Eastern as I will be reporting LIVE from Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, the site of WrestleMania XXIX!

    WrestleMania V, the Mega Powers Explode!  I’d just started to really get in to pro wrestling around this time.  In fact, the Saturday Night’s Main Event where Hogan and Savage split up over the tag team match they had against the Twin Towers may be one of the first wrestling shows I really remember watching.  We didn’t order this one on PPV, but I rented it on VHS as soon as it came out.  I distinctly remember a lot of this show, which is surprising, since I can barely remember any of last year’s WrestleMania.  Oh well, let’s roll!


  2. Random Randomness


    What’s up everyone and a Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there including mine out there in the great beyond.  This is my first of many Fathers Day’s that I’ll have to experience without him.  I just want to let him know that I miss and love him very much and things just aren’t the same without him.  Now having said all that, let’s talk about some other stuff that’s been going on: (more…)

  3. Random Randomness


    Well what’s up folks, good to see you all here alive and well again and welcome back to another edition of your favorite Sunday article by yours truly.  While things keep going and the world keeps turning, I sit back and say to myself, “I can’t believe I just wrote this”.  So lets get this show on the road: (more…)

  4. Two Man Reviews: Stampede Wrestling

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    Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues!Logo

    Earlier this year over at Wonderpod-Online, Bruce McGee and PatMan created a new theme of podcast for our site. PatMan and I decided to continue the series with a conversation reminiscing about our experience growing up in Calgary, the “Hart”land of the Stampede Wrestling promotion. What a perfect way for two old smarks to contribute to the ongoing festivities and celebration of professional wrestling going on at Wonderpod-Online and the Bored Wrestling Fan?