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  1. What I want from WWE



    Monday night after RAW, the WWE Network aired a special “Stone Cold Podcast,” where Steve Austin’s guest was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.  At the end of the show, Austin asked Mr. McMahon where people could go to offer suggestions for WWE.  Vince claims he listens to his audience, referring to the live audience, but Austin insisted that they could send their thoughts to the WWE and Vince McMahon’s Twitter accounts.  I saw a great post from @KellettFilm on Twitter with a list of things he would like to see, and I agreed with a lot of his list, and some of his things, in my own words, may show up here.  That said, here is my idea of what I’d personally like to see from World Wrestling Entertainment.


  2. WWE RAW 7/7/14 – Tango India Tango Tango Yankee

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    Well, I managed to avoid social media this week.  No spoilers.  My wife did give an “oh shit!” to something she saw on the show while I was on the phone with her, but she didn’t tell me what it is.  So genuine surprises for me this week!  WooHoo!

    Wow, they let Roman Reigns cut a promo on his own for once – and it wasn’t half bad.  And that brawl with Kane?  It’s always fun to see Fit Finlay, Jamie Noble, Mike Rotunda, Dean Malenko, and Joey Mercury get tossed around a bit too.

    The Wyatt Family beat the Usos!  Too bad it was a non-title match.  Again.

    WWE Network has a 90% satisfaction rate?  That’s not what I’ve been hearing.  That said, I’ll throw my approval their way.  Haven’t had any problems since that first couple weeks.

    Isn’t the point of having one hand tied behind your back in a match to be handicap?  What’s the point of both Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox having their arms tied behind their backs?  The obvious setup, of course.  The fans chant bullshit.  Or maybe boring.  I can’t tell.  Thick French-Canadian accents in Montreal.

    You know, if you’re trying to get Rusev over as a heel in Canada, shouldn’t you have him face a Canadian, and not Rob Van Dam?  FFW!  Rusev Wins.  Fatality.

    Sign in the crowd for Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose:  “TANGO INDIA TANGO TANGO YANKEE.”  Brilliant.  They’re really letting Titty Master Moxley have a good showing against Ortbot.  Orton picks up the win, but credit where it’s due – what a match!  Let’s put it this way.  I write this stream of consciousness on Monday Night RAW so you don’t have to watch – but this… this is worth finding and watching.

    Years ago at a local show called Ballpark Brawl, this dude was wearing a Mötley Crüe t-shirt that said “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and some guy yells “YOUR SHIRT SAYS ‘GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS,’ BUT YOU LIKE GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!”  I think of that every time I see Fandango’s pants with the world “Girls” written all over them.  And he’s only on commentary.  Ziggler vs. Del Rio is the match in the ring.  “Fandango is the Fonz of the WWE.  Hey.”  Del Rio wins off the distraction from Arthur Fandangorelli.

    Cody Rhodes’ embracing of the Stardust character is just amazing.

    Can’t have a show in Montreal without referencing Jerry Lawler’s heart attack or the 1997 Survivor Series.  So let’s have Lawler introduce Bret Hart.  I knew somebody would interrupt Bret – I wasn’t expecting Damien Sandow dressed as Bret Hart (or Bret Sandhart, as he called himself).  Though I probably should have been.  Hart decks Sandow and knocks him out of the ring.  Which in my opinion gives Sheamus an unfair advantage in his match with Sandow.  Which he, of course, wins.

    Dammit, I missed the preview of “Monday Night Wars” on WWE Network.  D’oh!  Also, I’m bummed that the October 1989 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event is not on there yet either.  I want to watch Mr. Perfect destroy the WWF Championship.

    Instead, I’ll watch Jericho vs. The Miz.  Jericho appears to be bleeding from somewhere near the ear.  Can’t get a good look at it though.  I can’t really tell how bad it is.  But it’s irrelevant I guess, since Jericho picked up the win with the Walls of Jericho.  Jericho should know better than to think he’ll get a clean shot at Bray Wyatt without Rowan and Harper standing in his way.

    Two Diva matches on one show?  And this one is a tag team match – so that means six Divas wrestling on one show.  It’s the Funkadactyls against… Paige and AJ?  So this is a question of which team breaks up first.  Cameron, who was completely disinterested in this match, tags herself in and gets a Paige Turner for her trouble – and the loss.  Joey Styles isn’t on commentary for the brawl that breaks out between Cameron and Naomi to yell “CAT FIGHT!  CAT FIGHT!”

    Cesaro’s five languages come in handy when he’s in Montreal.  I have no idea what he said in French, but I guess it doesn’t matter since they speak Quebecois in Montreal anyway.  And Cesaro loses to Kofi Kingston again.  Big E saves Kofi from the beatdown.  Why is Cesaro jobbing to this jobber-to-the-stars?

    Bo Dallas vs. Diego of Los Matadores.  Now where have I seen this before?  Oh, that’s right.  This past Friday on SmackDown.  Oh wait.  He’s wrestling El Torito.  Bo wins, of course.  You know, I’d like to see a match between Los Matadores & El Torito against Bull Dempsey or whatever the dude’s name is in NXT.  They’re bullfighters, right?

    I FFW through the main event (John Cena vs. Seth Rollins) to see Kane and Orton attack Cena.  The predictable ending of Cena getting knocked out only to have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship saved from a cash-in by Dean Ambrose happens again.  Then Super Cena hits an AA on Orton, and gets saved from Kane by a Roman Reigns spear.  The end.

    Not a bad episode of RAW, IMO.  I think the “oh shit!” from my wife was AJ being Paige’s partner.  Ambrose/Orton is worth watching.  Now to see if I can’t find me a copy of the Monday Night War preview.  See you all Sunday for BWF Radio!

  3. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 127

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    Alrighty then.

    IHWE Radio host Michael McCurdy joins Joe, Jorge, G, and Mark after JT leaves to talk about his podcast, WCCW, BlogTalkRadio, IHWE founder David Fuller, porn mail, and much more.  Not necessarily in that order.  We recap the week in professional wrestling.  In the news, we talk about the downfall of the WWE stock, and investigations into it.  We talk about the WWE Network and the actual number of subscribers needed to break even.  We talk about the contracts of Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Sting, and Kurt Angle.  Speaking of Mick Foley, we play his HUGE announcement from this past week.  All this, and much much more on BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 127 (MP3, 2:10:14)


    This week’s break song was “Inevitability of Death” by The Tragically Hip.  Buy it here!

  4. WrestleMania Week: WrestleMania XII

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    March 31, 1996!  Eleven years from the date of the first WrestleMania, it’s time for the twelfth edition of the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment!  Tonight, Shawn Michaels takes on Bret “Hitman” Hart in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship!  Whichever man can score the most falls in the span of one hour will be the winner!  Let’s go!


  5. WrestleMania Week 2014: WrestleMania X

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    It’s finally here!  March 20, 1994!  Tonight, the Superstars of the World Wrestling Federation celebrate a decade of the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania!  Bret and Owen Hart face off, and then Bret goes on to face the winner of the WWF Championship match between Yokozuna and Lex Luger later on tonight!  Plus, the Macho Man faces Crush in a falls count anywhere match!  And for the first time, the Intercontinental Championship is defended in a ladder match as Shawn Michaels faces Razor Ramon to prove who is the true Champion! All this, and much, much more!  Let’s go!


  6. BoredWrestlingFan WrestleMania week – WrestleMania VII review!

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    Last year, I did reviews of the first six WrestleMania events as part of WrestleMania week.  I complained a lot after that week about how bad WrestleMania V was.  This year, I’m picking up where I left off, with WrestleMania VII – and the best part about it is, I don’t have to buy the individual events, I can just pull them up on the WWE Network!  So, without further adieu, I review WrestleMania VII – Superstars and Stripes Forever!


  7. Own a piece of genuine Hart memorabilia for a good cause

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    Our dear friend Doc Knight of Original Stampede Wrestling needs your help.  As many of you know, Doc has been wheelchair bound for the last several months after suffering a back injury.  Last Sunday, two teenage punks tackled Doc and robbed him of his rent money.  While we’re glad to report that friends have helped Doc pay his rent, the two suspects are still out there, and Doc wants them caught, “so no one ever has to feel the horrible, useless way this left me feeling.”  So here’s where you come in.  Doc is selling some one-of-a-kind Hart Family memorabilia.  The money taken in by the sale of these items will be split 50/50, with half going to charity, and the other half being used as a reward for the tip that leads to the arrest of these two young punks.  The items for sale, and contact info for those interested, are below.


  8. WWE RAW 12/10/13 – The Slammy Awards


    While I believe Mark did an excellent job filling in for me last week, an event the caliber of the Slammys needs something special.  And as such, I’ve gone out and gotten a Slammy Award winner to write the RAW review this week – me!  Yes, it is I, the Slammy Award Winning ThinkSoJoE taking the helm once again as RAW presents the 2013 Slammy Awards!  Earlier today, yours truly won one of the WWE.com Slammys.  Don’t believe me?  Look!

    I was there!  Slammy Award Winner, baby!

    I was there! Slammy Award Winner, baby!

    Anyways, I digress.  Let’s roll!

    I watch 30 minutes of RAW, then leave for work, then review the rest of RAW in real-time as I watch it.  Except for when I fast-forward.  Then it’s not really “real-time,” I guess.  In any event, this review is being written by a Slammy Award Winner.  The SmackDown review can’t say that.  The RAW review can.  So that makes the RAW review better!  Of course, since it’s a popularity contest, I’ll probably lose the BWF Award.  I give them a place to talk wrestling and they like that G guy better than me.  Bastards.