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  1. Empire State Wrestling – Overdrive results


    Finally, a review of an indy show here on BWF.  Empire State Wrestling is a promotion local to Western New York that ran shows from August 2002 until November of 2006.  Other promotions formed in the meantime, including NWA: Empire and Next Era Wrestling Niagara.  Both of those promotions have since closed up shop, and from the ashes, Empire State Wrestling was reborn with their first show in nearly three years, ESW: Overdrive.

    Overdrive featured the culmination of a tag team tournament that was originally supposed to be for the Next Era Wrestling Niagara Tag Team Championships, which were renamed and are now the ESW Tag Titles.  Yours truly was in attendance…


  2. ECW on Sci-Fi, 8/12/08

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    Last week on ECW, Colin Delaney helped Armando Estrada win his ECW contract in a match against Tommy Dreamer, and was put into an Extreme Rules match with the Innovator of Violence this week for his troubles.  Also, The Miz and John Morrison insulted both Champion and his SummerSlam challenger, leading to a match being signed pitting Miz and Morrison against the unlikely team of ECW Champion Mark Henry and Matt Hardy.  Matt Striker and Todd Grisham called the action for the second straight week.

    Results after the jump! (more…)

  3. WWE Great American Bash Results – 7/20/08

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    Well, the legend of NostraJOEmas went the way of the dinosaur last night.  I was only right on 50% of my predictions (including one that didn’t come up here, I picked Matt Hardy over Shelton Benjamin).  Some of the ones I got wrong didn’t really surprise me, but others did.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the PPV as a whole, though there were some bright spots, including the Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho match.  To be fair though, I think I went into the show with high expectations after last month’s Night of Champions, and the month of great RAWs and SmackDowns afterwards.

    My thoughts, and the show results, after the jump!