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  1. BWF Radio 38

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    Shamrock’s latest victim

    Once again we’re back!  ThinkSoJoE, JT, G of the Internet, and returning to BWF Radio, our special guest Wrasslor Monkey discuss this week in professional wrestling!  Did Triple H retire on RAW?  Did the Gut Check Challenge competitor get his contract on IMPACT?  Did Damien Sandow avoid a physical confrontation with Sheamus?  (Answer:  No.)  Who is this man in the picture on the right side of this article (It’s a woman that Ken Shamrock beat up)?  What does Mark Out Man do outside of going to WWE shows?  Why did Kofi Kingston want to be called “Joey?”  The Cameron’s job death watch is on!  Who will be a part of the new unauthorized ECW DVD?  All this stuff and much more here on Bored Wrestling Fan Radio Episode 38!  (You can find our guest co-host, Wrasslor Monkey, at Wrestling With Text).

    Also, please stick around after the actual BWF Radio podcast and listen as Professor Salmon and Zwan bring us the Slam Jam!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 38 (MP3, 2:30:36)

    Mark Out Man, as seen on RAW (also known as the Brock Lesnar Superfan) is on Twitter here.

    The Video Game Project, Pro Wrestling X: Uprising on can be found here.

    Finally, but not least, check out Al Creed’s latest 8-bit wrestling creation:

    Last Sunday marked the 1 year anniversary of Super Domino vs Great Power Uti in Nigeria! We didn’t talk about this on the show, but it’s still good to know. G and Pintnoir’s pick for best wrestling story of 2011

  2. Smackdown 08/17/12: A Better Go Home Show Than RAW

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    It’s Summerslam weekend (well, close enough). We’ll be running down the Summerslam card on BWF Radio this Sunday with some special guests. I’m announcing no one yet, because it’s going to be huge… and awesome. Tune in to “www.boredwrestlingfan.com or www.wonderpodonline.com on Sunday to check it out with plenty of time before the PPV.

    Pretty much the whole card has been announced. There’s even some last minute matches likely to be teased tonight and then cut for time on Sunday. I expect a holding pattern, and a whole bunch of clip packages. Maybe I’ll get through this in record time? Only one way to find out, let’s hop to it, shall we?


  3. BWF Radio: Episode 25

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    The BWF Radio crew is back with your usual show recaps and wrestling news talk.  This week, the guys talk Joey Ryan and his potential, Brooke Hogan as knockouts guru, and Dolph Ziggler as one of the best workers in the business.  Also discussed is the ongoing TNA/WWE lawsuit, the Randy Orton and Chris Jericho suspensions, potential opponents for Ziggler at No Way Out, and much, much more.  You don’t want to miss this week’s episode!  Click the link to listen!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 25 (MP3, 2:00:00)

    For more awesome 8-Bit characters, check out Al Creed on Tumblr: http://alcreed.tumblr.com/

  4. Celebration of Professional Wrestling (2012 Archive)


    Wow, what a whirlwind of activity we’ve had over the last week plus… It’s been a great ride for all involved at Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod-Online! I’d like to thank all involved with this great project, and on behalf of all involved, a special thanks to you the wrestling fans who took the time to check out our work. We do appreciate it! After the link, a complete archive of all the content that came out is available. Just in case you missed something…



  5. BWF Radio 15

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    We’re back!  And hopefully I won’t mistype the link to the actual podcast this week.  Check out the new format of BWF Radio!  We recap the shows, and then we talk about the news around the wrestling world this week.  A discussion on Hulk Hogan’s sex tape sets the tone as we talk about Consequences Creed possibly coming to WWE, Brian Kendrick returning for a cruiserweight themed show on WWE Network, Kharma’s tragedy, the possibility of Mark Henry being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, which company uses Social Media better, what could possibly be on CM Punk’s DVD set, a Pennsylvania boy who had a prosthetic leg designed in the style of Rey Mysterio, Deaf Wrestlefest, and our question of controversy, “Does Vince McMahon have an anal fetish.”  Right click and save as the link below to download, and then hit the jump for links to a couple of the stories referenced in this week’s episode!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 15


  6. WrestleMania X-Seven


    Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues!

    This weekend is very special for Professional Wrestling.  See, friends, we’re approaching a very special WrestleMania.  What makes this one so special, you ask?  Well, on its own merit, it’s a fantastically-booked card, one of the best WrestleManias, on paper, in YEARS.  A decade, in fact.  A decade since WrestleMania X-Seven, the closest rival WrestleMania III has had to date, for the crown of “Best WrestleMania of all time.”  A decade since WrestleMania X-Seven, the Last Hurrah of the Attitude Era, and the last great wrestling boom.

    The following comes to us courtesy of Al Creed from Wonderpod-Online.com AND The Cultural Revolution

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  7. iMPACT: 12/30/10


    With New Year’s Eve on our doorstep, we should take time to reflect upon the year that was in TNA… actually, if you think about it, no we really shouldn’t. Too much trauma, actually. Let’s just go with the usual Batman KAPOW! style that is iMPACT. This is to be the last episode to spill over into Reaction as well, since Spike announced the Reaction program is no more.

  8. iMPACT 12/16/10


    The title of tonight’s episode is “Head Games.” Ok, obviously there is psychological side of angles and storylines, but this title ALSO implies the punditry of Mr. Anderson’s concussion storyline. Because head trauma is funny. We get it… Credits and whatnot roll… I hope you’ve got your suffering boots on, friend. Because we trek through the mire and fens together as you read the experience of watching iMPACT with me…


  9. iMPACT 12/02/10


    MVP is totally going to show up in the iMPACT Zone tonight! He got future endeavored by the WWE today, so obviously with the no-compete clause, the last sentence you read is a lie. I miss the days before that clause… Let’s see what REALLY happened on this pretaped go-home episode…