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  1. The War On.. Small Screen Sideshows


    I’m taking this far too seriously these days. I actually have notes written in front of me as I type this. I never needed notes before, maybe it’s my old age getting to me, or maybe.. just maybe.. I want to produce something that is actually readable, and that makes sense. Although, it will probably make as much sense as LeBron James winning an NBA title..



  2. Random Randomness


    What’s up everyone and a Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there including mine out there in the great beyond.  This is my first of many Fathers Day’s that I’ll have to experience without him.  I just want to let him know that I miss and love him very much and things just aren’t the same without him.  Now having said all that, let’s talk about some other stuff that’s been going on: (more…)