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  1. Royal Rumble 2011


    Hey! That’s right, something before RAW?! Yeah.  I decided at the beginning of the Royal Rumble match to do a real quick rundown of the Royal Rumble.  This is not going to be anywhere near as long as the usual RAW Reviews, and it’s not going to be as detailed.  The backstage segments may be out of order, but I barely paid attention to them…

    Edge vs Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship

    So Edge comes out, we’re reminded that he can’t use the Spear or he loses the Championship, and then Vickie comes out, reminds us, and introduces Dolph.  The match goes on for a while and was a pretty decent match.  I didn’t expect it to be, but it turned out to be.  Vickie got on the apron and slapped Edge, but Kelly Kelly, of all fuckin people, came out and took her out.  Dolph locked in a sleeper, and during Edge’s wild flailing to get out of it, he slapped the ref, and knocked him down.  So, Edge hit a quick Spear when no one was looking (except the whole audience), and then locked in the Killswitch (or the Unprettier) for the win.

    World Heavyweight Champion Edge wins via pinfall.

    There’s a small segment backstage with WWE Champion The Miz saying that he’ll win, and Riley backs him up.

    The Miz with Alex Riley vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

    Randy gets an early advantage, but Riley interferes and Miz gets it.  Match was pretty decent, with Riley interfering a good amount, and The Miz about to walk out before Randy stopped that idea with a harsh clothesline.  It ended, surprisingly, with Nexus coming out to stand by the ring.  Riley came in to try to get Randy, but was thrown out onto Nexus and the ref, and then Punk came up from underneath the ring and hit the Go To Sleep on Orton, and dragged Miz over for the cover.

    WWE Champion The Miz wins via pinfall.

    Gail Kim was backstage with Daniel Bryan.  Bellas faked an apology and then attacked.

    Natalya vs LayCool in a Two-on-One Handicap Match for the WWE Diva’s Championship

    Before the match can get started, the RAW GM says that he’s gotten enough emails about Cole being annoying (“That’s just a joke!”), and won’t get more about LayCool, so this is now a Fatal Four Way.  NO! IT WASN’T AWESOME KONG’S DEBUT, OR EVEN BETH!  IT WAS!!!!!!!

    Natalya vs Layla vs Michelle McCool vs Eve Torres for the WWE Diva’s Championship

    You read that right.  Anyway, the match was alright, kind of, and then Eve pinned Layla as McCool pinned Natalya.  However, ref was looking at Eve and Layla.

    WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres wins via pinfall.

    Michelle was pissed.

    Then, the Royal Rumble match (and there was a thing at some point about how “Dashing” Cody Rhodes had an official statement about his not making it, thanks to Rey’s knee brace breaking his face nose.) started.


    1) CM Punk

    I have to stop here.  Punk came out, and then the Corre’s music hit, and then the Corre surrounded Punk, and then the New Nexus came in and it was a mini-brawl.  Essentially, the RAW GM told them that this was not how the Royal Rumble match was going to start and sent them all (minus Punk) back to the back to wait their turns.

    1) CM Punk – John Cena
    2) United States Champion Daniel Bryan – David Otunga
    3) Justin Gabriel – Daniel Bryan
    4) Zack Ryder – Daniel Bryan
    5) William Regal – Ted DiBiase
    6) Ted DiBiase (with Maryse) – Nexus
    7) John Morrison – Nexus
    8) Yoshi Tatsu – Mark Henry
    9) Husky Harris – The Great Khali
    10) Chavo Guerrero – Mark Henry
    11) Mark Henry – Nexus
    12) JTG – Michael McGuillicutty
    13) Michael McGuillicutty – John Cena
    14) Chris Masters – Nexus
    15) David Otunga – John Cena
    16) Tyler Reks – Nexus
    17) Vladimir Kozlov – Punk
    18) R-Truth – Punk
    19) The Great Khali – Mason Ryan
    20) Mason Ryan – John Cena
    21) Booker T – Mason Ryan
    22) John Cena – The Miz
    23) Hornswoggle – Sheamus
    24) Tyson Kidd – John Cena
    25) Heath Slater – John Cena
    26) Kofi Kingston – Randy Orton
    27) Jack Swagger – Rey Mysterio
    28) Sheamus – Randy Orton
    29) Rey Mysterio – Wade Barrett
    30) Wade Barrett – Randy Orton
    31) Dolph Ziggler – The Big Show
    32) Diesel – Wade Barrett
    33) Drew McIntyre – The Big Show
    34) Alex Riley – John Cena
    35) The Big Show – Ezekiel Jackson
    36) Ezekiel Jackson – Kane
    37) Santino Marella – Alberto del Rio
    38) Alberto del Rio – WINNER
    39) Randy Orton – Alberto del Rio
    40) Kane – Rey Mysterio

    There were a lot of  hijinks in the ring during the match.  The Miz ran into the ring, after sitting commentary since Alex Riley entered the Rumble, and eliminated Cena after Cena eliminated Riley.  Hornswoggle copied a lot of moves, and a lot of the people lasted longer than they may have seemed to.  It wasn’t a hugely, wildly spectacular match, but it was alright.

    See ya tomorrow night for Monday Night RAW!

  2. ECW in RealTime – 10/7/08

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    Well folks, this may be the only real-time you get out of me this week.  That doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be SmackDown coverage on Friday night, it just means that it’s not going to be live, as my hometown Buffalo Sabres open their season.  Anywho, tonight, it’s going to be CM Punk and Kofi Kingston returning to ECW to team with Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz to take on Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, The Miz, and John Morrison.

    ECW on SciFi is on the air!

    Finlay & Tommy Dreamer def. Mike Knox & Jack Swagger when Finlay pinned Knox.

    Mark Henry def. Jamie Noble via pinfall.

    Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, The Miz & John Morrison def.  CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Ricky Ortiz when Morrison pinned Punk.

    Detailed results after the jump! (more…)

  3. A crazy – yet awesome – iMPACT: 8/7/08


    For the last several weeks, TNA iMPACT has been one of the most entertaining wrestling shows.  Last night’s iMPACT was a big one, and almost had a pay-per-view like feel to it, just three days before Hard Justice.  All of the matches for this Sunday’s PPV were showcased, some intertwining with each other, and there were a lot of crazy parts to the show, and some sick bumps being taken, including one that left the canvas soaked in the blood of Kurt Angle.

    Full results after the jump! (more…)