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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 114

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    Always is.

    Always is.

    This week, Jorge and Mark return from their honeymoon time off, and Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge returns to the show to give his picks for tonight’s Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.  We go over some talking points about the recent WWE Investors conference call, including a note on CM Punk’s whereabouts.  We discuss the WWE Network’s impending launch and go in depth about Dish Network’s decision not to carry tonight’s WWE event and the effects it will have on the WWE going forward.  TNA and ROH news pops up, including news on an upcoming “invasion” of ROH by New Japan Pro Wrestling.  All this, and much, much more on BWF Radio Episode 114!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 114 (MP3, 2:17:12)


    This week’s break song was “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold.  Buy it here!

  2. WWE RAW 2/17/14 – Go Home, Chamber, You’re Drunk

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    It’s the last stop on the road to the last ever Pay Per View us folks in the US will ever have to spend $54.95 on.  The WWE Network premieres next Monday, but let’s see what the WWE have in store for us before we get there, shall we?  Let’s roll!

    I watch 30 minutes.  I leave.  Then I have to sit through this show a week later.  Maybe next week I won’t have to watch it by nefarious means once I get to work.  Time will tell.


  3. WWE RAW 2/10/14 – Screw this main event!

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    If you haven’t heard by now, the main event for tonight’s Monday Night RAW was announced last week.  I refuse to watch it.  Which means I’m not reviewing it either.  In fact, there will be no mention of this match in this review.  The participants may be referred to if they do something outside of the match, but that’s it.  If you give a shit about said main event, it’s probably on WWE.com and you can go watch it there.  It’s not even the fact that I don’t care too much for the two guys actually wrestling in the match (though that’s part of it), it’s moreso the fact that this is the match that we were supposed to PAY for in both December and January.  It’s been done.  I’m done with it.  Fuck it.  Let’s go.

    I watch this show, and I often find myself questioning why, now moreso than ever.  What really is best for business?  Not listening to the fans?  I hope half the viewers changed the channel during the main event.  Read on.


  4. WWE RAW 2/3/14 – Punked Out

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    Well.  We can pretty much assume that CM Punk will not be on RAW this week.  Will his absence leave a noticeable mark on the show?  I guess there’s only one way to find out.  Go watch it, you lazy bastards.  What?  It’s my job to write about this show and tell you these things so you don’t have to watch it yourselves?  Alright fine.  Let’s go.

    I watch this show so you don’t have to suffer through it.  That’s because I think you’re awesome.  Unless you’re Richard Sherman.  How much shit are you talking with an injured leg?  Guess you’re limping to DisneyWorld, huh bitch?



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    Hokay.  This is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY late.  What I’m going to do here is recap a replay of last night’s RAW.  This is for two reasons, I need more practice in real-time recapping, and I owe BWF my RAW recap.

    So here we go!

    We open with a recap of Elimination Chamber from Sunday.  Alberto Del Rio beat the Big Show, Jack Swagger won the Chamber, and C.M. Punk lost.  We get a reminder that Cena’s road to Wrestlemania starts tonight.

    Live in the Cajun Dome!  Cena’s out to address the WWE universe, and we’re reminded that it’s Cena vs. Rock for the WWE title.  John reminds everyone that it’ll be John Cena vs. The Rock, and that’s when Punk comes out.

    Punk accuses Cena of taking the easy way out.  Punk says Rock beat him fair and square on Sunday, if you disregard the fact that Rock hit an official, and Punk had him pinned for “an 18 count.” Cena tells him to “sit this one out,” and “for once, it’s not about C.M. Punk.” Punk disagrees, reminding Cena how he brought prestige to the WWE title, and how Cena can’t beat the Rock, and how he’s never beat Punk.  Punk tells him to walk away.  Cena makes it clear he will not.  Cena concedes that he hasn’t beat the Rock, and if he can’t beat Punk, then he doesn’t deserve the title shot.  Cena agrees to give Punk the shot at Wrestlemania if Punk can beat him in a match, right here, right now.  Punk decides to do this on his terms, and since he shouldn’t even be in this position, he decides to do this next week.  Cena makes it official.  Punk vs. Cena, Wrestlemania headline title shot on the line, next Monday.

    We get an announcement that tonight will be the Rock’s championship celebration, and The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, is up next.0


    We’re back.  We get a picture of Thomas Jefferson and one of his quotes as part of a “president’s day” tribute.

    “ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Backstage with Sheamus and Matt Striker.  Sheamus doesn’t know what went wrong last night, they were supposed to get revenge on the Shield, but didn’t.  Ryback walks into frame and Sheamus call him a neanderthall.  Ryback and Sheamus get up into each others’ face, when Chris Jericho steps in.  He gets them to stop fighting and offers them a chance to team up with him in a six-man against the Shield.  Sheamus and Ryback agree.

    “FEED ME SHIELD” – Ryback


    This was an out-and-out squash.  Sin Cara got in one kick to the head, but it ends with a powerslam and a “world’s strongest slam.”


    Henry bullies the ref out of the ring and turns his attention to the fallen Sin Cara.  Great Khali strides out (slowly) and after a stare-down, teasing a fight, Henry bails.


    We go to a recap of the U.S. title match at Elimination Chamber, between the Miz and Champion Antonio Cesaro.  We see Miz drop knee first into Cesaro’s groin, and get dq’d.

    Vicki Guerro announces the six-man main event for tonight – Jericho, Sheamus, and Ryback vs The Shield via Twitter.

    When we come back, Miz vs. Cesaro, NO DQ!


    We’re back with a promo for FANDANGO, comming soon.

    Miz is in the ring w’a taped-up shoulder and arm.  We get a recap of last Monday’s RAW when Cesaro swung him into the guardrail.


    Miz starts strong, but the match goes out to the floor and Cesaro sends the bad arm into the post.  Cesaro throws Miz back in the ring with some chairs and a kendo stick.  Cesaro wedges a chair between two turnbuckles in the corner, and tries to drive the Miz shoulder-first into it.  Miz counters a few times and Cesaro has more luck with the Kendo stick.  Cesar pins the bad shoulder of Miz between his knee and a chair, and works the arm.  Cesaro sets Miz up in the corner for a charge, but Miz gets a shot to the face.  Cesaro charges knee first and Miz ducks.  Cesaro hits the chair in the corner.  Miz drop-toe-holds him chest first into the other chair, and ends this with a figure four for the submission.


    Later tonight, Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter will make a “State of the Union” address to the WWE universe.  Right now, we’re getting a look at an Internet video made by Zeb and Swagger. (youtube.com/wethepeoplezeb) It looks like a public access channel video with a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag tacked up in the back.  Zeb delivers a rant against immigrants with Swagger looming menacingly in the background.

    We’re reminded that Cena vs. Punk is next week and the Rock’s championship celebration is tonight.


    We come back to a pic and a quote of Abraham Lincoln.


    Backstage, WWE  tag team champions Daniel Bryan and Kane are arguing over what happened between them in the Elimination chamber last Sunday.  Brian has requested a singles match and doesn’t want Kane coming out with him.  Kane decides he’ll request a singles match and doesn’t want Bryan coming out with him.  Kane warns Bryan that he’d better be a man of his word, because he doesn’t like snakes.  Randy Orton overhears this, and takes exception to it.  Kane explains that if a snake gets too close to him, he squashes it with his boot.  Orton compares Kane to Barney the Dinosaur and Bryan laughs.  Orton disappears, and Kane sulks off.

    We go to Vicki’s office where Paul Heyman has been summoned.  Vicki rags on Heyman about how useless his special stipulations were in the WWE title match.  Later on, she will make a big announcement concerning his career, in the ring.

    Team Ziggler (Dolp, Big E. and AJ) makes their way out as we go to break.



    Ziggler’s in the ring as we recap Del Rio’s win over the Big Show at EC.  Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Del Rio.  The crowd is not into it.  Ziggler goes right after Del Rio.  Del Rio fights back.  Ziggler goes up and over the ropes, lands on the apron.  Del Rio hits the enziguri as we go to break…

    Ziggler in control as we come back, choking Del Rio against the ropes.  Ziggler with a dropkick.  Choking again, and Big E. sneaks in a cheap shot at ringside.  Ziggler gets a two-count with a fame-asser and goes up top.  ADR cuts him off and hits a REVERSE FACE-LOCK SUPERPLEX.  Ziggler up first. They trade punches, ADR hits two clothes-line, a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker, and a thrust kick for two.  ADR gets a “Si” chant going but Ziggler hits the neck-breaker for two.  Ziggler whips ADR into the corner, ADR gets the boots up, ties up Ziggler, and hits several forearms to the back and a back-stabber for two.  Big E up on the apron.  Del Rio knocks him off.  Ziggler goes for the flying DDT, but Del Rio hits the arm-breaker for the submission.


    After the match, Big E. blindsides ADR and beas him down.  Ziggler realizes this is the best time to cash in the MiTB briefcase, but Ricardo swipes it and runs off with Big E. after him.  AJ recovers the case, but Ziggler eats a huge kick from ADR.

    Later tonight, the Rock’s celebration, and Kane vs.Randy Orton

    And we got to break…


    We are back with Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett in the ring, telling all of us about his big break in a major motion picture.  We then get shown the trailer for “Dead Man Down,” in theaters on March 8th.  We come back to Wade but Sheamus interrupts from the Titan-Tron to point out that Wade isn’t the star, Colin Farrell is.  He invites Barrett to respond, but is told we’re out of time.


    The Funkadayctals make their entrance w/Brodus and Tensai.  Rosa and team MO-CO cut the music short with their entrance.  Naomi starts off with Rosa, taking charge with high-flying moves.  Rosa tags in Primo who goes after Naomi but Tensai makes the save and send Primo out.  Naomi hits a sliding dropkick between Tensai’s legs on Epico and Rosa.  Tensai and Brodus ends this with double headbuts and a double splash.


    We get a dance party in the ring before going to a WWE.com press conference in the Super-dome, where we get an announcement about Wrestlemania 30 being there next year, April 2014.

    Up next is the “State Of The Union” address from Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter.


    We come back with a quote from Harry S. Truman

    “THE BUCK STOPS HERE.” – Harry S. Truman

    Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter are in the ring with a podium and a “don’t tread on me” flag set up.  Swagger claims that he took the weight of the nation on his shoulders when he won the EC match and became #1 contender to the WHC.  He turns the mike over to Zeb, who claims the state of our union is “pathetic.” In summation, he basically accuses foreigners of coming here to take our health care, jobs, and resources, and how when Jack Swagger beats ADR, he will restore our nation to greatness.

    Daniel Bryan makes his entrance as we go to break.



    Match is basically Bryan slipping out of Swagger’s grasp with his speed/agility until Swagger gets a chance to pound on the bad ribs of Bryan.  Bryan fights back with quick strikes and high-risk high-flying.  Bryan misses a charging drop-kick and Swagger works his leg.  Swagger ends this with the “Patriot Act,” submission.


    Later tonight, Jericho, Sheamus, and Ryback vs. The Shield, and Vicki’s big announcement about Heyman.


    We come back to a Wrestlemania promo and Vicki in the ring demanding our attention, preparing to make an announcement that could change Heyman’s career/life.  She announces Brad Maddox as “assistant to the managing supevisor.” Brad says this was his reward for blowing the whistle on Heyman.

    “IS THIS MY CUE TO VOMIT?” – Paul Heyman

    Heyman says goodnight and gets ready to leave, when Vince makes his appearance on the Tron, stopping him.  He reminds Heyman of last week when Heyman requested the DQ/count-out stip for the WWE title match at EC, and how Heyman said he do “anything” for it.  Basically Vince challenges Heyman to a fight in two weeks when he makes his return.

    And Break…



    Jericho, Sheamus, & Ryback each make a separate entrance, the Shield come down all at once through the crowd.  The faces start off strong, with each man getting a shot at a Shield member.  The faces dominate as we go to break…

    We come back to the Shield beating down Sheamus.  Sheamus fights his way free and brings in Ryback.  Ryback hits hard and fast, tossing around the Shield, but he takes a spear when the ref isn’t looking.  The Shield pile on Ryback with double teaming until one of them misses a charge.  Ryback brings in Jericho, who takes over on the Shield.  Jericho locks in the “Walls Of Jericho” while Sheamus takes a Shield member to the outside, brawling.  Ryback is down, and the Shield leader takes out Jericho with a flying knee behind the ref’s back.  Jericho gets pinned for three.


    And break…


    We come back with a quote from JFK.



    Sandow comes out, berating the audience and claims his great-grandfather came up with the new deal.  He attacks Kofi before the bell rings and brutalizes him, until R-Truth makes his comeback and the save.  Sandow is left lying.


    We go to Josh Mathews at ringside w/two of his co-stars from “G.I. JOE: RETALIATION,” and a clip from the movie.

    The Rock’s celebration, up next…


    We’re back with another promo for Fandango, and Randy Orton making his entrance.


    We get a plug for the EXTREME RULES PPV as Kane makes his way to the ring.  Match is back and forth until Daniel Bryan comes out to distract Kane.  Kane loses focus and walks into an RKO for the three-count.


    And break…


    We come back to a local marching band making their way down to the ring.  After they finish playing, the Rock makes his big entrance.  First, he runs down Punk, pointing out how he beat Punk in two straight PPV’s so he could be here tonight as WWE champion.  Rock says in 48 days he’s going to Wrestlemania, but not with the “spinny” belt.


    The Rock retires the WWE “spinner” belt, and talks about how the belt should “inspire” the people watching and respect the legacy of champions past.  He then unveils the “New” WWE championship.  It looks like a big ring, with the WWE logo taking up most of the face-plate over the word “champion,” and the Rock’s Brahma-Bull logo on each side.  Rock asks the question “Who will the Rock face at Wrestlemania? John Cena, or C.M. Punk?” Rock is about to name his preference, when Cena’s music hits and he comes out.  He’s facing down the Rock when Punk nails him from behind with the spinny belt.  He tosses it aside, and says “I want that one,” while pointing at Rock.  The show ends with Punk staring down the Rock and walking out, while the Rock paces around the ring in confuion and Cena tries to pull himself up.



  6. BWF Radio Episode 62 (with Gary Barnidge of the Carolina Panthers)

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    Joe, Jorge, G, JT, and Brian are joined by Carolina Panthers TE Gary Barnidge for the first part of the show.  We ask the hard hitting questions, like “Vince McMahon or Vince Lombardi.”  We talk about the American Football Without Borders charity, and Gary joins us for Elimination Chamber picks.  We get into the news, including Miz accidentally dropping Punk on his head, TNA Lockdown not consisting entirely of cage matches, and Rey Mysterio’s surgeon potentially losing his license.  We chime in on the IOC dropping wrestling from the 2020 Olympic games.  We update the whereabouts of Steve Blackman.  We talk about Scott Hall.  We find out who is making the WWE ’14 video game.  Is John Cena sleeping with a porn star?  All this and more on BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 62 (MP3, 2:07:02)


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    We open the show w/a montage of the Shield beating down people, until last week when Cena, Sheamus & Ryback led the charge against them.  Also, the Rock is here tonight.

    Paul Heyman is in the ring, announcing that tonight is the last night we will ever see Paul Heyman.  He talks about his passions and his sacrifices, and all the things he gave up – including his parents fortune – to bring us ECW, and Brock Lesnar.  He talks of C.M. Punk being the man to carry WWE into the long-term future.

    “You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see into the future.  And I can see into the future,  and I can tell you ladies and gentlemen, something bad is going to happen here.  And that Sword Of Damocles is hanging straight over my head, and it is going to come down not just on me, but every single person around me, and that means it’s going to come down on C.M. Punk.” – Paul Heyman

    Heyman goes on to tender his resignation, saying essentially that the McMahon’s obsession with him and his dealings make him an obstacle to Punk winning back the title, and with that, he says goodbye.

    C.M. Punks’ music hits and Punk comes out.  Punk asks Heyman why he’s doing this.  Heyman replies that in the land of the McMahon’s, perception is reality.  Vince McMahon’s perception is that Heyman was behind Brad Maddox and the Shield, and whatever happens to Heyman will happen to C.M. Punk.  He claims Vince is planing to screw them over big at Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania.  Punk argues that he is a “Paul Heyman guy,” and that there are a lot of “Heyman guys” out there.  Punk insists that he will resume his historic title reign as WWE champion at Elimination Chamber and that Heyman will be in his corner.  Paul is so moved by this show of support, that he renounces his resignation.  Punk/Heyman embrace, while ringside commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler make derogatory comments comparing this to the Pope’s resignation and “the most ridiculous love-fest” Cole’s ever been a part of.

    The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, makes his way to the ring as we go to break…

    We come back to Khali dancing in the ring w/Natalia & Hornswoggle.  The dancing stops as Henry makes his way to the ring.  We get a recap of Henry squashing Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara last week, and his win over Randy Orton on last Friday’s Smackdown, which qualified him for the Elimination Chamber.


    This match BARELY goes five minutes, maybe less.  Khali pummles Henry into the corner, and hits big slaps to the cest and head-butts.  Henry fights back with kicks and gets Khali in the corner, but runs into an elbow, and a big boot to the face.  Khali side-steps Henry into the corner and goes back to the big chest-slap and head butt.  Henry blocks a shot, hits a few big right-hands, and gives Khali a short-splash into the corner.  Henry hits a big clothes-line, then ends it with the world’s stongest slam for three.


    After the match, Henry gets back in the ring, catches Hornswoggle from behind, and crushes him w/the world’s strongest slam.

    “That’s What I Do!” – Mark Henry

    This Friday on Smackdown, Orton gets Henry in a re-match.

    Later tonight, Cena, Sheamus & Ryback vs #MB…

    And break…

    We come back to Teddy Lond and Smackdown GM Booker T discussing how impressive Mark Henry is, when Chris Jericho steps up to request a spot in the Chamber.  Teddy is readdy to put him in right now.  Booker says “Hold up dawg,” and says Jerico has to impress him.  Teddy whispers a suggestion to Booker.

    “Teddy, that idea sucks.” – Booker T.

    Booker suggests that Jericho earn a spot by beating someone already in the match, Daniel Bryan.  Jericho agrees to face Daniel “Beard-on” and get back into the chamber and go one step closer to becoming a “seven-time, seven-time, seven-time Heavyweight Champion of the World.”


    Jericho walks off, leaving Booker wide-eyed in disbelief.

    We shift to Vicki Guerrero in her office, on the phone.  Heyman walks in, demanding her time.  He requests that Vicki add a stipulation to the WWE title match at Elimination Chamber.  If the Rock is counted out/disqualified, Punk will be awarded the title.  Vicki refuses, then her phone rings.  It’s Vince McMahon.  Heyman tries to brown-nose Vinny Mac, but Vince cuts him off and demands to know what stipulation he wants.  Heyman makes a sheepish request for the count-out/dq stip, and Vince agrees.  Heyman thanks Vince for the stip and goes on to call him a “father figure.” Vince hangs up on him.  Heyman says Vicki has a lousy phone, and Vicki laughs.

    Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring as we go to break…

    We come back to a promo for “FANDANGO” coming soon, followed by Jericho making his way to the ring.


    The bell rings.  Jericho scores two schoolboy roll-ups, two arm-drags, and an ARMBAR!  Bryan reverses it into a wrist-lock and a hammer-lock.  Booker T and Teddy Long watch a monitor from backstage.  Jericho elbows Bryan’s face and hits the ropes. Bryan leap-frogs Jericho, drops down, Jericho goes over, and Bryan hits a knee to Jericho.  Bryan kicks Jericho in the chest, the back, hits a snap-mare, a knee-drop, he gets two, and goes to work on Jericho’s arm.  Bryan wrist-locks Jericho, works the arm over his shoulder, Jericho reverses the wrist-lock and scores a chop.  Jericho puts the boot to him and backs Bryan into the corner with a forearm smash.  Bryan reverses a whip into the ropes, Jericho hits a kick to the face, but Bryan sends him up, over, and out to the floor.  Bryan tosses Jericho back in.  Jericho hits a shoulder-block, but misses a second-rope ricochet body-press and lands on the floor.  Bryan hits a flying tackle through the ropes, and both men are hurting as we go to break…

    As we come back, Bryan slides out of a suplex attempt, and rolls Jericho up for two.  Jericho kicks out and hits a clothes-line.  Jericho chokes Bryan in the corner, whips him across the ring, charges into a boot, and Bryan hits the charging drop-kick in the corner on Jericho.  Jericho reverses a whip, Bryan goes up the corner ropes and over Jericho, Jericho hits two shoulder-blocks, and Bryan sends him over the ropes.  Jericho lands on his feet, goes up-top, misses a flying fore-arm, and Bryan hits a clothes-line.  Bryan charges Jericho, Jericho catches the legs and goes for the Walls Of Jericho.  Bryan flips him off but runs into an elbow.  Jericho goes for a Lion-sault but hits the knees of Bryan.  Bryan goes up-top but Jericho cuts him off and crotches him on the top corner.  Jericho hits a chop and goes for a super-plex, but Bryan shoves him off and scores a flying head-butt for two.  Bryan hits a few knees to the face, but Jericho catches a leg and hooks the Walls Of Jericho!  Bryan holds on and powers out of it, twisting it into a “No-Lock” attempt,  but can’t lock his hands.  Jericho reverses it into another WOJ attempt, but Bryan flips him off and hits a vicious kick to the head for two.  Bryan gets the crowd going “Yes!” by going “No!” and sets in with shin kicks to Jericho.  Jericho tries another roll-up, Bryan kicks out, and Jericho hits the Code-breaker for a three-count.


    Jericho is now in the Elimination Chamber.  Later tonight, the Shield will address us.  Up next, John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback face the Three Man Band.

    We come back to a recap of last week, when Cena and friends ran off the Shield.


    Apparently, Jerry Lawler has taken exception to Heath Slater making comments about singing, and dancing better than Elvis Presley…

    “I told him [Slater] I wish you’d go to the bathroom like Elvis Presley.” – Jerry Lawler

    Slater starts off with Ryback.  He shoots off his mouth, plays air guitar, takes a boot to the stomach, and gets press-slamed.  Ryback tags in Sheamus, who brutalizes Drew MacIntyre.  Cena tags in and faces off with Jinder Mahal.  Match breaks down into a brawl and ends with the Cena-friends each hitting a finisher on a band member. (AA, Shell-shock, and White Noise.)


    After the match, Cena and co. each take a turn calling out the Shield.  We go to a recap of Alberto Del Rio sabotaging Big Show’s bus and dropping paint all over him.

    We go to earlier today, with Yoshi Tatsu and Alex Riley both joking about the Show’s misfortune.  It ends with Show clocking them both out.

    And we go to break…

    We come back to Big Show making his way to the ring for an interview.  Matt Striker gets KO’d before he’s halfway through a sentence.  Show grabs the mike and spends several minutes trying to say something.  However he’s too angry and just drops the mike, and walks off.

    We get another look at the tribute video for Bruno Samartino’s Hall Of Fame induction and we’re told there is an exclusive interview w/Bruno and Hunter Hearst Helmsley about Bruno accepting the nodd this year.  We’re also reminded that the Rock will be here tonight.


    Ryder’s in the ring and Swagger makes his way to the ring with a man referred to as “Jebadiah Coulter,” (who I believe might be Dutch Mantel.) Ryder gets in some offense, but Swagger wrestles more viciously then ever, and after bouncing Ryder’s head and back off the turn-buckles, he ends this with the “Patriot Act.” (Ankle Lock Submission.)


    After the match, Jeb Coulter is given the mike and delivers a vaguely racist diatribe about “getting rid of” people who aren’t “real Americans.”

    Backstage, Booket and Teddy are discussing Swagger and Jeb, when Dolph Ziggler steps in w/AJ and Big E.  Angered that Jericho is back with a spot in the Elimination Chamber match, he demands a chance at the last spot.  Booker agrees, and puts him in a qualifying match… with Kane.

    We get a recap of Brock Lesnar destroying Miz TV and the Miz last week.

    Miz makes his entrance as we go to Break.  He faces Cody Rhodes next.


    U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro is at ringside, making refrences to his brawl with Miz last week.  Cesaro says he caries the American Flag to “rub it in everybody’s face,” how much better he is than us.  Match is a by-the-numbers back-and-forth until it goes to the outside.  Cesaro gets up in Miz’s face, Miz boots him down and goes to work on Cody, until Cesaro shoves him into the ringpost.  Cesaro swings Miz into the guardrail as officals try to break it up.


    We then get a feature about the WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge, where WWE talent go to schools to talk about the importance of reading and children are rewarded for good literacy w/a chance to go to Wrestlemania.

    Later tonight, we hear from the Rock and The Shield.

    We go to break…

    We come back to Rosa Mendes shakin’ her thing in the ring, with Epico and Primo.  Brodus Clay makes his entrance w/Tesai and the Pom-Pom waving Funkadactyls.


    Team Mo/Co are straight up jobbed out to the Funkasaurus and the “hip-hop-hippo.” Tensai wins it w/a splash.


    After the match, Rosa gets up in Tensai’s face, but is sent packing by some nifty double-teaming by Naomi/Cameron.

    And we go to break…

    After the break, the Shield make their way to the ring.  They answer the challenge of Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback by calling them out.  They cut a promo about Cena failing everyday and how Cena will fail again at Elimination Chamber.  Their problem is “The John Cena Problem.” He lives in a bubble with no consequences.  That’s not the real world.  And he’s laid the groundwork for an entire generation of superstars to be just like him.  The Shield will undo a decade of injustice, and invite their opponents to “breath as much fresh air as possible.” They stand around in defiance for a few moments… then the lights go out.  When they come back on, Cena and company are each fighting a member of the Shield.  After a wild brawl, the Shield take a powder, and Cena’s team smile and slap hands w/the fans.

    We get a recap of Heyman’s resignation and Punk talking him out of it.  The Rock will be here later tonight, and Alberto Del Rio makes his way to ringside w/Ricardo Rodriguez.

    And break…


    Sandow comes out to berate Nashville (the sight of tonight’s show) for listening to Country Music.  Ricardo introduces ADR with the full support of the crowd.  Sandow starts off strong with kicks, knees, and a Russian leg-sweep/”elbow of disdain” combo, but misses a charge and Del Rio takes over with clothes-lines, a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker, and a thrust-kick for two.  Del Rio gets the “Si” chant going and ens this surprisingly quickly w/the arm-breaker.


    Alberto cuts a promo, inviting Big Show to pack up his bus and go to Mexico, while he goes to Wrestlemania after their match at Elimination Chamber.

    WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring for a match w/Kofi Kingston, but is jumped from behind by Bo Dallas.  Barrett is down as we go to break.


    The match is basically Kofi’s speed and striking ability vs Wade’s muscle and brawling tactics.  Recurring theme in the match is both men ducking each others high-spots.  Kofi dives after Wade.  Wade catches Kofi’s head in the ring apron and gets the three with the bull-hammer elbow.


    And break…


    Kane starts off in control with big right hands and tossing Ziggler around as we go to break…

    We come back and Kane in still in control, until it spills outside.  Big E distracts Kane and Ziggler sends him into the guardrail.  Kane beats the ten count.  The match quickly goes back/forth with each man hitting one big spot after another, until Kane goes up top.  AJ jumps on the ring to get a distraction, Kane misses the clothesline, Ziggler sends AJ into Big E’s arms, and his distraction allows Kane to hit the choke-slam for three and the last spot in the Chamber.


    When we come back, our main event… a promo by The Rock.

    We’re back with a look at the Elimination Chamber match itself and…FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME OUT TO DO A PROMO!

    Story Time!  The Rock regales us all with a story about how, when he was 15, his family moved to Tennessee.  He was already 6’4′ and 220 lbs. and not getting any action because girls thought he was a undercover cop.  One night, he’s in a bar, and buys a car from a crackhead for $40.  After driving for a while, he finds a second crackhead in the car and kicks him out, then abandons the car in a Burger King parking lot at 2 a.m. because he suspected it was stolen.  The moral of the story…

    1. Don’t buy a car from a crackhead.

    2. Don’t be like the Rock at 15, doing all the stuff you shouldn’t.

    Rock then talks about being 25 and wrestling at used car dealerships for $40 a night, and dreaming of someday being WWE champion, just like he will be, after Elimination Chamber.

    Punk’s music hits, and he’s out with Paul Heyman.  Rock compares them to characters form “Twilight,” (Fat werewolf/Homeless Vampire,) and challenges Punk to “just bring it.” Punk strolls down to the ring, fakes changing his mind, and storms the ring.  Punk actually had Rock on the defensive, until Rock hit the “Smackdown” (Spine-buster) on him.  Rock goes for the “Peoples’ Elbow,” but Heyman trips him up.  Punk hits the GTS on Rock, and leaves with the belt.

    “Whenever you Bring it, Because it’s mine, I’ll just take it.” – C.M. Punk 

  8. BWF Radio Episode 13


    Well, BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 13 is in the books!  Technical issues plagued this show at times, starting before we even recorded it.  JT, G, and ThinkSoJoE discuss the week in wrestling including Elimination Chamber, RAW, Super Smackdown, the Chris Brown/CM Punk situation, and even this week’s Impact Wrestling!  Joe turns the volume down on G for a second or two, then later kicks out a plug on himself to the point where we had to edit out 30 seconds or so of silence.  Plus, JT and Joe discuss GreenTeabagger’s epic Kurt Angle Intro from our old forums.  In fact, I’ll include it after the jump, but before that, right click and save the link below to listen to this week’s show!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 13


  9. BWF Radio 12

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    Joe, JT, and G are back to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling.  Today’s topics include Jesse Sorensen’s injury, Kurt Angle’s Olympic chances, RAW’s bad editing, Impact’s bad booking, and SmackDown’s bad Elimination Chamber sell.  We also discuss potential future WrestleMania opponents for The Undertaker, who might possibly attack and replace Santino, and the possibility of Santino actually winning the SmackDown Chamber match tonight.  Right click and save the link below to listen!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 12

  10. Smackdown 02/17/12: Orton’s been replaced, “Oh You Didn’t Know?”


    Let’s skip the intro crap, and we begin with clips of the Big Show/Orton match from RAW. Orton was concussed and is being pulled from this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match up. So our go home Smackdown will serve to find his replacement in a Battle Royal. Teddy Long confirms the stoic faced Orton kayfabe, but it’s all legit too. So sell me on the PPV WWE, I wouldn’t have shilled out the money for Orton anyways. BTW, if you somehow didn’t hear the announcement WWE made themselves on their own website, I’ll save the spoiler for after the jump as I run down this episode of Smackdown…